Dynapac SD Asphalt Paver Range with "THE" High Compaction Screed

Dynapac Sd2500 Cs Front Side
Dynapac Fayat Group Red Black Final

The SD2500CS  paver will attract contractors focused on achieving pavement quality by meeting toughest ride specification including airport runways, racetracks and new highways. The SD Paver range will also be highly suitable for RCC paving applications.

  • The SD2500CS paver will include the latest operator-assist technology systems such as Truck Assist, Light Assist, Width Assist and Screed Assist systems. The newly designed electric roof assist and electric rock deflector further shows Dynapac’s commitment to provide the best operator comfort
  • Dual speed screed control offers two levels of speed for extending the screed to have faster reaction around quick obstacles and slower control for fine adjustments
  • A track plow (lane cleaner) keeps the path of the track undercarriage clean so that the tracks runs level without interfering with leveling
  • The SD2500CS paver will be paired with a newly developed V5100THE tamper, high compaction electric screed and will be displayed with extensions attached to pave 27-feet.
  • Dynapac’s “THE” high compaction screed technology, which allows for a flexibility of adjusting pressure and vibration parameters for optimal results, will further assist contractors to achieve higher pre-compaction levels while paving thicker pavements and smoother finish on top layers. The unique pressure bar system allows up to 1,000-psi  pressure to be applied uniformly across the whole width of pavement
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