Kobelco SK210HLC-10 Hybrid Excavator

The Kobelco hybrid excavator offers decreased fuel consumption and emissions while providing increased digging power.

KOBELCO SK210HLC-10 Hybrid Excavator
KOBELCO SK210HLC-10 Hybrid Excavator
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The 52,500-lb. SK210HLC-10 Hybrid excavator uses lithium-ion batteries that have a runtime of up to 17.6 times longer compared to capacitors to power the electric swing motor.

  • Swing motor can be used for regeneration to recharge the battery and can assist the 160-hp engine for digging and traveling as needed
  • Offers up to a 15% decrease in fuel consumption, 7% increase in digging volume and 88% decrease in NOx compared to the standard SK210LC-10
  • Provides a maximum digging depth of 22 ft., bucket digging force of 35,300 lbf. and drawbar pulling force of 50,800 lbf.

Video: https://bit.ly/2CfBNlZ

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