Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers

New Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers are a simple, safe and cost-effective way to remove shaft-mounted parts

Mechanical Lock-Grip Puller
Mechanical Lock-Grip Puller
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Introducing a controlled solution to remove objects from shafts for maintenance that is safer, faster and easier to operate.

  • The new series of Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers provide maintenance crews a safer, faster and synchronized way to remove gears and bearings from a shaft
  • Objects are firmly controlled during the extraction process with the unique locking mechanism design, nearly eliminating the risk of flailing
  • The synchronized movement of the Lock-Grip Pullers jaws cut setup time in half
  • The jaws on the Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers are designed with a deeper reach than previous models
  • At wider spreads, the reach is significantly improved
  • The removal of the cage area streamlines the tool with an improved reach-to-diameter ratio for equivalent tonnage, making it lighter and easier to manage
  • Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers have jaws that move in unison, which means fewer people are needed to engage them during set up of the puller
  • Manpower can also be reduced thanks to sync and self-centering features
  • Synchronous jaw movement enables the entire pulling job to be performed by a single operator, which means it frees up the operator’s schedule so more time can be spent on other important jobs
  • A locking mechanism helps prevent the jaws on Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers from slipping off the application during the pulling process
  • The synchronous feature of the Lock-Grip Pullers allows all jaws to move simultaneously and self-center, preventing misalignment
  • And an adjustment handle that simplifies the positioning of jaws helps increase operation speed.
  • The new series of powerful, high-force pullers works for a variety of applications
  • Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers are an ideal solution for the removal of bearings, bushing, gears, and pins in industries such as paper plants, power generation, aerospace, rail, shipbuilding, oil and gas, manufacturing and mining
  • Available in two and three jaw configurations, the pullers quickly and easily mount on a wide range of applications so time can be spent on pulling and more time can be spent completing other jobs
  • LGM Mechanical Lock-Grip Pullers – Simple, economical pullers for everyday pulling jobs
  • LGH Hydraulic Lock-Grip Pullers – Powerful, high-force pullers for more demanding applications
  • LGHS and LGHMS Hydraulic Puller Sets
  • Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers are available now through Enerpac distributors
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