Lawson Products Wear-Flex High Strength Rapid Repair Compound

Lawson Products launches a new adhesive compound for heavy equipment operators to fix damaged tires and more.

Lawson Wear-Flex.
Lawson Wear-Flex.
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Wear-Flex is a self-mixing urethane repair compound that forms a flexible bond on a variety of materials. It’s designed for applications that involve vibration or expansion/contraction movement. Wear-Flex adheres to rubber, ABS, concrete, urethane, steel, wood, ceramics, glass, nylon, composites and masonry. It’s available in self-leveling and non-sag formulas for horizontal and vertical applications.

Wear-Flex is designed for repairing forklift and off-road tires and repairing cracks and joints in concrete.

  • Applications include conveyor repair, urethane bushings, bellows, bumpers and tire chocks, concrete seam repair, crack repair in high vibration areas
  • Superior adhesion to multiple surfaces
  • Short cure time for fast repairs
  • Forms a flexible bond that withstands chemicals, grease, oil, and water
  • Remains flexible at low temperatures

Wear-Flex was utilized in an experiment conducted on the International Space Station to observe the effect of microgravity on rubber compounds. Not only did Wear-Flex rubber form during spaceflight, but it also remained intact and flexible upon return to Earth. 

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