GeoRipper Hand-Held Trenchers from MiniTrencher

MiniTrencher introduces its new ultra-portable and commercial hand-held trencher, the GeoRipper, adding an entirely new category of trenchers. GeoRipper takes a fraction of the time to trench, replacing the need for a pick and shovel.

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The GeoRipper commercial hand-held trencher was designed with tight space trenching in mind. It is suited for applications such as irrigation installation and repair, low-voltage lighting, root barrier and other tasks where a narrow trench is needed..

  • Weighing as light as 30 lbs, this trencher can be placed in a pickup truck or even the backseat of a car
  • GeoRipper GR 16 and GR 20 now include a powerhead option utilizing the Makita EK7651H four-stroke engine, recommended for tough and rocky soils with its easy start up and smooth operation
  • Can achieve digging depths ranging from 16 to 27 in. and standard widths of 1.5 in. 
  • Self-sharpening digging chains can cut through tree roots up to 3 in. in diameter
  • Primarily used for irrigation, electrical, fiber optic, landscape edging, root barriers and fencing, it provides contractors with an alternative to large and cumbersome trenchers or digging with shovels
  • Disperses dirt on each side in a 70:30 ratio left to right
  • Available with a more powerful two-stroke engine
  • Can be mounted on an EZ Kart for longer runs that require consistent digging depths

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