McLaughlin Vision Underground Utility Locators

Vision LX, FLX2 and GX2 models provide fast, easy and accurate utility locates

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The Vision locator product line includes the LX for utility contractors, the FLX2 with fault finding capabilities for power companies and secondary power contractors and the premium GX2, designed with professional locators in mind.

  • Dual functionality with semiautomatic gain for congested urban areas where signal distortion is common, and manual gain for use in less congested areas
  • Three antennas rubber mounted inside the injection-molded locator case measure depth readings for a more accurate reading
  • Waterproof inductive clamp enables locator to lay on or partially grip the utility to produce an accurate reading
  • Vision LX locator features a streamlined design, simple user interface, automatic depth and current measurement index and compass icon that automatically calculates peak signal and visually informs the user of the direction of the utility path
  • Vision FLX2 adds secondary and sheaths fault-finding capabilities and includes five active frequency modes 
  • Vision GX2 for long fiber runs or gas distribution projects with tracing wires uses a 7-watt transmitter and a dual frequency mode to simultaneously inject 9.5- and 38-kHz signals into the utility line
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