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Chicago Pneumatic has launched the new CP 0112, CP 0112 S and CP 0112 EX handheld pneumatic breakers that offer a 15-percent increase in performance compared to the previous CP 0111 series. The new CP 0112 range builds on well-proven features of the previous range. The forgings are made of alloy steel to raise durability. The four-bolt backhead withstands rugged use and the integral oiler provides continuous lubrication. The CP 0112 series of handheld breakers is the lightest in the Chicago Pneumatic range weighing 30-35 pounds. They are especially well suited to situations where easy handling and weight restrictions are important issues. CP 0112 is used in light demolition applications such as floors, pavement, frozen ground and masonry walls. CP 0112 EX is a specialized tool with an extended handle, which is intended for light trenching applications. They both feature the 1 x 4 ¼ North American hexagonal shank. CP 0112 S is a silenced version featuring the 25 x 108 mm standard ISO shank used outside North America. CP 0112 S is CE-approved.


The CP 0112, CP 0112 S and CP 0112 EX pneumatic breakers offer a 15% increase in performance over the previous CP 0111 series.

  • Weigh only 30 to 35 lbs. yet deliver 1,590 bpm
  • Feature an upgraded valve system, alloy steel forgings for added durability and a four-bolt backhead that withstands rugged use
  • Integral oiler provides continuous lubrication
  • CP 0112 EX features an extended handle, while the CP 0112 S is a silenced version
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