Products to be Displayed at The Rental Show 2010

Products to be on display at The Rental Show 2010 in Orlando

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14-in. SpeediCut-XL

The SC7314-XL is Diamond Products' new 14-in. SpeediCut-XL high speed saw. The XL is an enhanced version of the previous SpeediCut 14-in. saw with increased efficiency and lower emissions. Enhanced features include a larger initial foam filter and redirected air flow against secondary filter, optimized colling from air flow and fuel compensator, reinforced hood screw, new rubber sealed Top Head Deco-Valve, and an enhanced catalytic muffler.

The SC7314-XL SpeediCut-XL high-speed saw features a 14-in. blade capacity, increased efficiency and lower emissions.

  • Larger initial foam filter and redirected air flow against secondary filter optimize air filtration
  • Optimized cooling from air flow and the fuel compensator reduce cylinder temperature
  • Reinforced hood screw keeps the cover secure
  • Rubber sealed Top Head Deco-Valve improves the combustion process and cooling
  • Enhanced catalytic muffler keeps emissions and saw temperature down

Diamond Products

990XP Drum Chipper

The Model 990XP is a compact 12-in.-diameter capacity drum chipper with a feed system and components comparable to the Model 1090XP.

  • Incorporates a smaller 24-in.-diameter drum, unique discharge transition and compact design
  • Engine options available from most major engine suppliers up to 86 hp
  • Options limited to maintain compact size and streamline production

Bandit Industries, Inc.

Builtrite Skid-steer Grapple

The Builtrite skid-steer grapple can precisely pick and place boulders, logs, concrete barriers, etc.

  • 360° continuous rotation either direction
  • Wide jaw opening and grapple width for handling a variety of materials
  • T-1 steel tines
  • Universal skid steer bracket for multi-machine mounting
  • Selector valve for rotation and open/close function allows use with one additional hydraulic circuit

Northshore Mfg., Inc.

Fastrak Grinding Systems

  • Models include the Triple Trak 20, Three Head 20-in. and the Quad Trak 25, Four Head 25-in.
  • Gear driven planetary grinders
  • Single tension-clip seal fits tightly against the grinding surface and is virtually dust free when connected to vacuum systems
  • Ideal for removal of coatings, glues and applied products as well as grinding and polishing
  • Tool mounting design giving the option of using either magnetic quick disconnect tooling or standard mount tooling

Kut-Rite Manufacturing

Hand-Held Pneumatic Breakers

Chicago Pneumatic has launched the new CP 0112, CP 0112 S and CP 0112 EX handheld pneumatic breakers that offer a 15-percent increase in performance compared to the previous CP 0111 series. The new CP 0112 range builds on well-proven features of the previous range. The forgings are made of alloy steel to raise durability. The four-bolt backhead withstands rugged use and the integral oiler provides continuous lubrication. The CP 0112 series of handheld breakers is the lightest in the Chicago Pneumatic range weighing 30-35 pounds. They are especially well suited to situations where easy handling and weight restrictions are important issues. CP 0112 is used in light demolition applications such as floors, pavement, frozen ground and masonry walls. CP 0112 EX is a specialized tool with an extended handle, which is intended for light trenching applications. They both feature the 1 x 4 ¼ North American hexagonal shank. CP 0112 S is a silenced version featuring the 25 x 108 mm standard ISO shank used outside North America. CP 0112 S is CE-approved.

The CP 0112, CP 0112 S and CP 0112 EX pneumatic breakers offer a 15% increase in performance over the previous CP 0111 series.

  • Weigh only 30 to 35 lbs. yet deliver 1,590 bpm
  • Feature an upgraded valve system, alloy steel forgings for added durability and a four-bolt backhead that withstands rugged use
  • Integral oiler provides continuous lubrication
  • CP 0112 EX features an extended handle, while the CP 0112 S is a silenced version

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.

Light Equipment

The light equipment product line features 32 models representing Light Compaction, Hydraulic Power Packs and Hydraulic Hand Tools.

  • Light Compaction includes rammers, a single drum roller and forward and reversible plate compactors
  • Hydraulic Power Pack range includes four models with a compact, user-friendly design, power-on-demand system and suction circuit that eliminates pulsation damage to the cooler
  • Hydraulic Hand Tools include breakers, trash and submersible pumps, three drill types, saws, wrenches and a two-person auger

JCB Americas

MS4500 Topdresser

TurfEx introduces its 1.4 cubic-yard capacity MS4500 topdresser. The MS4500's heavy-duty polyethylene construction eliminates the corrosion and maintenance concerns associated with similar steel-built models, while also making the unit up to 40-percent lighter. Furthermore, it features large flotation tires and exerts only 18 psi when fully loaded. Another feature unique to the MS4500 is that it's a completely electric-powered unit -- meaning no hydraulics or gas engines. This eliminates the possibility of hydraulic fluid leaks. The MS4500 offers precision spreading ability, making it ideal for lighter, more frequent applications. This saves material and also works well with new techniques such as verticutting, an alternative to traditional, time-consuming turf aeration practices. The unit includes an 18-inch steel spinner with adjustable fins that angle to accurately direct material spreading. Additionally, an electronically controlled flow gate and advanced dual-variable speed controller with digital readout further ensure precise material feed and spread pattern.

TrynEx International

Pro Polish

  • Designed for use with popular models of single- and dual-head, low-speed surface grinders
  • Utilizes a series of seven 10-in.-diameter diamond polishing pads
  • Polishing pads range in composition from 50 to 3,000 grit
  • Simple operation caters to all types of users, from seasoned contractors to do-it-yourself homeowners

General Equipment

PS 35

Powr-Flite's PS 35 is a 3.5-gallon carpet spotter/extractor with wand, perfect for touch-ups, spot removal, and cleaning hard-to-reach locations as well as those areas a bigger extractor just won't fit. At only 36 pounds, the PS 35 is lightweight and portable for easy maneuvering. The machine comes with an aluminum telescoping handle and a 10-foot solution/vac hose, and it is powered by a two-stage vacuum motor, generating 89 inches of lift. Use the PS 35 to clean up small spills quickly and easily.


Rock/Root Screener

The counter-rotating rock and root screener tills, grades and prepares soil for immediate screening to remove rocks, stones and roots.

  • No need for second passes
  • Remove existing turf for re-seeding or sodding
  • Old sod can be loaded for removal while preparing a seedbed for new sod
  • Widths of 4', 5' and 6.5'
  • Soil screening of 1 to 6 in.

Cherrington Enterprises

SiBore Drill

The new SiBore Drill is a fast and lightweight sideways boring auger, ideal for landscapers, sprinkler system installers, plumbers, electrical contractors, trenchers, and tool rental companies. The SiBore Drill is lightweight -- it only weighs 49 pounds with a full tank. In addition, the SiBore Drill is compact enough to be thrown in the trunk on the way to the jobsite. The SiBore Drill is fast -- powered by a 43cc, two-stroke motor with a centrifugal clutch. The auger rotates at 250 revolutions per minute. An 8-inch diameter hole can be drilled under a standard sidewalk in less than five minutes. The SiBore Drill uses a waterless-boring method so there's no mud to deal with.

SiBore Drill