Bosch 18-volt EC Brushless Drill/Drivers

Dds182 02 Hero 11267490
Bosch2 10163588

The Bosch 18-volt EC Brushless Drill/Drivers include the Best Built DDS182 and HDS182 which feature advanced, open-frame EC brushless motor and enhanced electronics allowing the tools to last twice as long as previous generations.

  • Individually customized Electronic Motor Protection system protects motor from overload
  • Drill 3/4-in. Bosch NailKiller auger bits in 4X Douglass Fir and 6-in. lag bolts through 4X pressure treated wood
  • Up to 1,700 rpms for drilling applications
  • Variable speed trigger for reliable speed regulation
  • 18+1 clutch settings for increased versatility
  • 1/2-in. auto lock chuck for clamping of drills and bits
  • Come with magnetic four-tip bit holder and belt clip
  • Durashield housing
  • Built-in LED light
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