Makinex Lift Assist Aids in Jackhammer Operation

Introduced at World of Concrete 2021, the device is specifically designed to assist operators with the lifting of a pneumatic jackhammer

Makinex Lift Assist La90 350 No Background
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The Makinex Lift Assist is a simple, easy to install attachment for 60 to 90 pound pneumatic hammers. The ergonomically designed Lift Assist reduces operator stress and fatigue, resulting in higher productivity.

  • Pushes and lifts 350 pounds of force - not only lifting the weight of the hammer, but also releasing the buried chisel from the ground and allowing each of the 1,200+ blows to have a smooth exit and transition to continue the cut or demo.    
  • "Foot" extends out of the bottom to lift up the tool and enable easy repositioning of the bit before breaking material again
  • Designed to reduce operator stress and fatigue, improve efficiency and productivity, and reduce risk of jackhammer-related back injuries
  • Weighs just 9 lbs., is quick and easy to assemble to any 90-lb. pneumatic jackhammer, and shares the tool's existing air supply

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