Dynasty 280 TIG Welder

Miller Dynasty 280 Welder Gene 11271814
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Miller's AC/DC Dynasty 280 TIG/Stick-capable welder is designed for industrial manufacturing and heavy fabrication applications. The unit delivers up to 280 amps of output power along with a smooth, stable arc.

  • Weld metal up to 3/8-in. thick
  • Designed for air-cooled and water-cooled TIG torches
  • Pulse feature reduces heat input, increases travel speeds and improves arc directional control
  • Auto-Line technology allows machine to be hooked up to any input voltage within the specified range
  • Pro-Set technology eliminates guesswork by providing pre-set welding parameters
  • Control panel features LED illuminated standby/power switch
  • Memory card port included allowing additional software to be downloaded
  • DX model includes quick access to advanced features for expert users; includes additional adjustments for AC balance, waveforms and frequency for precise arc tailoring on aluminum welds
  • Weighs 52 lbs.

Spec Sheet: Miller Dynasty 280 TIG Welder

Brochure: Miller Dynasty 280 & Maxstar 280 TIG Welder Series

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