Miller ArcReach Heating System Enables Jobsite Weld Preheating and Bakeout

Systems allow users to preheat and bakeout weld joints on the jobsite using induction technology .

Miller Jobsite Induction Heating
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The ArcReach Heating System is an induction heating solution designed for jobsite weld preheating and bakeout in construction and pipe applications with temperature maximums of 600° F. It is designed to be easy to use and faster, safer and less expensive than open flame or resistance methods. It utilizes ArcReach-enabled welding power sources, further enhancing convenience and lowering costs.

The ArcReach Heating System allows contractors to insource preheating and bake out using welding power sources already on site. Welding operators can perform the preheating and bakeout with easy to use equipment and tools and don’t have to rely on third-party contractors, providing complete control of the schedule. With induction heating, the system can typically bring a joint to temperature in 20 minutes or less. The system includes an ArcReach Heater that is used with air-cooled cables or air-cooled quick wraps as heating tools.

The heaters are powered by select models of compatible ArcReach welding power sources, including all XMT 350 FieldPro power sources, any Miller engine-driven welder/generator with ArcReach technology and any Miller power source that can run a Smart Feeder. The DC power from the welding power source or engine drive is converted into AC current to power the heater. Standard weld cables connect the compatible power source to the system, with a maximum distance of 200 ft. one way and 400 ft. total loop.

ArcReach Heating System uses electricity from heating tools placed on or around magnetic metal surfaces, such as iron or steel, to create currents in the metal. These currents pass through the workpiece and are converted to heat, so the workpiece itself serves as the heat source. This makes it quick and easy to set up, use and tear down, since it can be quickly moved to the next joint with no need to wait for the tool to cool down.

Thermocouple sensors accurately report joint temperature, which is displayed on the interface. Temperature information is recorded automatically for quality control and reporting purposes. 

The system can be used for preheating and bakeout of flat surfaces and also provide uniform heating for pipes, irregular-shaped parts and those with non-uniform thicknesses.

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