Miscellaneous Pavement December 2008

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  • 1-800-Asphalt is designed to increase advertising response up to 14 times.
  • Overcome area code confusion
  • Own multiple area codes in your state
  • Keep customers out of the phone book
  • Easy number to remember
  • 1-800-ASPHALT



52-in. Flexbollard System


  • Use in place of parking blocks
  • Impact resistant with 360 degrees of flexibility
  • Delineates when hit at speeds
  • Mounting hardware for asphalt, concrete, or natural ground surfaces


Flexpost, Inc.

Audio Learning


  • Five CDs of audio learning courses
  • "Improving Teamwork Through Communication," "Effective Decision Making," "Driving Jobsite Performance," Turning Leaders into Trainers," and "Grading Your Thoroughbreds, Fence-Sitters and Carp"


Pinnacle Development Group,Inc

Clean Streets Program


  • National insurance program exclusively for the pavement maintenance industry
  • Comprehensive and competitive coverage package including automobile, general liability, property/equipment, workers compensations, umbrella liability, and surety bonding
  • Designed for contractors who perform power sweeping, paving, line striping, sealcoating, crack filling, and/or catch basin cleaning
  • Provide program participants with industry specific knowledge, loss prevention services, and literature including specialized claims handling


Pavement Maintenance Insurance Agency, Inc.

Decorative Bollard Cover


The Ideal Shield Decorative Bollard Cover is a polyethylene thermoplastic cover that slides on over existing steel posts. The bollard covers are available in hundreds of colors and multiple sizes; custom colors are available to match any color scheme. You can also create your own look with pillars, emblems, rigns, grooves, or whatever you need.


Ideal Shield LLC



KTP's new line of mobile distance measuring devices can be vehicle mounted or in a scooter package.

  • Vehicle-mounted device mounts on a dashboard and is designed to quickly and accurately measure parking lots, roads, utilities, and more from the comfort of the car up to highway speeds; can also be mounted onto striping machines, crack routers, concrete saws, etc.
  • Scooter package includes a 450-watt electric scooter with a mounted FastMeasure device, paint wand, and clipboard; the scooter travels up to 15 mph and can fold to fit into a car or pick-up truck


KTP Enterprises, Inc.

GX Series


  • Overhead valve engines
  • 21 models in the GX series
  • Available in either horizontal or vertical shaft and single cylinder or V-twin versions
  • Certified to all existing CARB and EPA emissions standards


American Honda Motor Co.



  • Carries three conventional wheel barrow loads, up to 550 lbs.
  • Less than 28 in. wide
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Four forward speeds, 0.5 mph - 3.5 mph, and one reverse
  • Honda GXV 160cc 4-stroke engine
  • Attachments include vacuum, flat bed, snow plow and more


Niche Product Sales



Pro200 Measuring Wheel

  • 12.5 diameter
  • Handle-mounted mechanical counter with "hold" button
  • Piston grip with non-slip cushioned coatin
  • Sealed ball bearing construction
  • Adjustable telesceoping aluminum handle
  • Hard carrying case with accessories


Meter Man, Inc.

Side-mounted Reels


The modified Series RT enables the reel to be mounted on its side, making it suitable for mounting in cabinets and other tight spaces.

  • Heavy-duty side mount plate replaces the standard base
  • Stainless torsion spring and latch are mounted on the arm
  • Guide arm is easily moved to one of four positions, using only standard tools


Reelcraft Industries

Turf Mat


The 3' x 6' portable AlturnaMat is designed to protect against turf damage resulting from vehicles weighing up to 60 tons.

  • Measures 1/2 in. thick and weighs 51 lbs. each
  • Easy to handle via two hand slots on each side
  • Bold cleat tread design with cleats on one or both sides, or smooth on both sides
  • Designed to save repair costs to soft turf, as well as virtually eliminate vehicles getting stuck in mud



Vanity Numbers for Contractors


  • 1-800-BLACKTOP
  • 1-800-SEALCOAT
  • 1-800-SWEEPING
  • 1-800-PAVEMENT


1-800-PAVEMENT, Inc.