Dust Control August 2008

Construction Equipment

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300D Water Wagon


The 49.100-lb. 300D Water Wagon has the advantages of an articulated dump truck and provides stability comparable to scraper-towed tankers.

  • Low center of gravity via a long, low tank and extended truck frame
  • ADT six-wheel-drive powertrain
  • Standard transmission retarder extends brake life
  • Standard 7,000-gal. pin-in tank and optional water cannon, hose reel and side spray
  • 285-net-hp John Deere PowerTech Plus Tier III-certified engine



EDGE Material Unroller


The EDGE Material Unroller allows for safer, faster installation of erosion control mats with fewer people.

  • 180° swing allows a skid steer to unroll material on one side, swing the material to the other side and begin rolling right away
  • Optional stems accommodate rolls of erosion control material from 4 up to 12 ft. wide


CEAttachments Inc.

EnviroSafe Stormwater Control System


The EnviroSafe Stormwater Sediment Control Sack (ESSCS) system captures and retains pollutants from jobsite stormwater runoff.

  • Fit a range of rectangular and combination curb/drop inlets using adjustable flange technology
  • Can be configured to fit catch basins from 16" x 16" to 50" x 50"
  • ESSCS plus fitted with AEGIS-treated Microbe Shield X-Tex replaceable liner to capture pathogens, hydrocarbons, oil and grease, while retaining material to 212 microns


Transpo Industries, Inc.

Envirotac II


Envirotac II dust and erosion control product from Environmental Products & Applications penetrates and extends down into the soil to create a tough layer of protection.

  • Binds soil particles together by forming a clear, plastic and resin bond
  • Light applications effective for cementing soil particles together for dust and erosion control, while allowing water and air to penetrate the surface
  • Heavier applications build durable and waterproof surfaces that can withstand even vehicle traffic
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe


Environmental Products & Applications, Inc.

EZR material roller


The skid-steer-mounted EZR material roller can install various erosion control material up to a maximum roll width of 8 ft. and weight of 500 lbs.

  • Three sizes of detachable stems available
  • Hydraulic actuator swings the pivot arm 180° left or right and angles 115° up and 8° down
  • Pivot arm lock for storage or transport
  • Roll retaining collar keeps material roll firmly positioned


Burchland Manufacturing LLC

Maximus Series Wheel Wash Systems


The Maximus Series totally portable, automated wheel wash systems are designed to eliminate trackout at project sites.

  • Entirely above-ground system can be assembled, attached to power and water and ready to operate in just hours
  • Fully automated, closed loop wter recycling and solids separation process
  • Offers one- and two-tire revolutions of cleaning in standard models, with custom-built models available
  • 42-in.-wide wash elements flex the tire tread open to flush tires clean


Innovative Equipment Solutions (IES)

Rumble Track

Contractors-Services Rumble Track is designed to reduce the need for rock and base exits.

  • Designed to be placed on jobsite exit roads where they join public streets
  • Reduces need for water trucks and sweeping
  • Complies with Storm Water Act, AQMD Rule #403 and PM10 in southern coast air basin
  • Helps solve PM10 dust abatement, soil stabilization and debris track out problems


Contractors Services LLC

Silt Fence Installer


Modified from Ditchs proven vibratory plow, this vibratory silt fence installer includes a roll carrier, special plow blade and a guide wheel.

  • One-pass method provides faster installation, does not require backfilling of soil and installs product with minimal ground disturbance
  • Can be powered by the heavy-duty SK650 mini skid steer, the XT850 excavator-tool carrier or the four-wheel-drive Zahn R230 and R300


Ditch Witch

Silt Fence Plow with Rotary Offset Design


This rotary offset silt fence plow is designed to be offset to either side by pulling two pins and rotating it over.

  • Rear-pivot design pivots 90°
  • Will install 48-in. and smaller fabric down to 20 in. deep
  • Features a 1-in.-thick blade, spring-loaded cutting coulter, transport lock, swing-dampening cylinder, drop-down storage legs with pads, replaceable blade point and fabric tension spring
  • Available for skid loader and three-point hitch mountings


McCormick Equipment

STB 30 Wash System


The 12-ft. long (one tire rotation), 30-hp STB 30 Wash System can be set up in one day and can run on 230 volt, three-phase power.

  • Tank mounted below the wash troughs
  • Removable opening for sewer sucker cleaning
  • No moving parts
  • All wash water is recycled and completely contained
  • Sprays mounted along the sides of the truck tires and aimed to get into the tops and along the sides of the tires


Stanton Systems

StrataGrid Reinforcement Geogrid


The StrataGrid line of geosynthetic products is offered in 18-ft. widths and 600-ft. lengths to cover 1,200 sq. yds. of subsoil.

  • Provides wider coverage with fewer individual rolls and fewer seams that need to be spliced between adjacent panels
  • High-tenacity, knitted polyester yarns for flexibility
  • Simple overlap connection between end rolls
  • Unrolls flat, retaining virtually no materials memory
  • Maintains uniform contact with subgrade contours for easier installation in cold weather


Strata Systems Inc.

Water Cannons


The Model 5000 water cannon features a low-profile (12-in. tall), compact design that makes it a suitable addition to any water truck.

  • Horizontal variable speeds
  • 390 degree plus horizontal rotation and 60 degree vertical travel
  • Turret-style operation with adjustable stops at 20 degree intervals
  • Delivers 350 gpm with a maximum distance of 150 ft.
  • Joystick cab control box and 20-ft. wiring harness
  • 12V DC or 24V DC
  • Wireless radio remote control version available


RoadRunner Water Cannons