Hot Mix March 2009

1-800-PAVEMENT endorses Bonsal American materials
Bonsal American's Pavement Maintenance division, sold under the Amguard and GemSeal brands, has been endorsed by the 1-800-Pavement network.

Mike Musto, president of the 800-network, has endorsed Amguard and GemSeal pavement maintenance products for his network members. Musto leases 1-800-Pavement, along with other vanity numbers, to a select group of contractors within the network. Network members are now encouraged to use Amguard and GemSeal branded products in Bonsal American's 32-state service area.

"Bonsal American is excited by this strong endorsement from 800-Pavement," said Jeff Lax, vice president and general manager for Bonsal American's Pavement Maintenance division. "We are thrilled that network members will have access to our colloid mill-produced sealers with their unsurpassed consistency and superior product performance."

Ohio contractor buys USA Tips
Eric Seaman, a Toledo, OH, sealcoating contractor for 30 years, has purchased USA Tips, manufacturer and supplier of ceramic spray tips for sealcoating equipment. Seaman said USA Tips has been supplying ceramic spray tips for 24 years.

"These tips actually help contractors save money because of the sealer they save spraying such an even pattern for so long," Seaman says. "I have used these tips for 20 years and have always felt they were worth the extra cost."

The ceramic tips come in three sizes: 80/50's, 80/70's and 80/100's, with either 1/4- or 3/8-in brass. Seaman said the tip's plastic tip retainer has been changed to protect the tip even more.

USA Tips can be reached at 1-800-USA-TIPS or at

NAPSA hosts keynote at NPE in Charlotte
Phil Beakes, Peregrine InSight Group, outlines his "Our Guy Process" to members of the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) at NAPSA's annual keynote workshop at National Pavement Expo, Feb. 18-21 in Charlotte, NC. Beakes presented a system that relies on a contractor's favorite current customers to drive marketing and company growth.