Plants & Plant Equipment: Terex E225P

Super-portable plant packs a powerful production punch

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The new Terex E225P portable counter-flow plant, the latest addition to Terex Roadbuilding’s line of super-portable asphalt plants, features 225-tph production capacities. Built for quick, low-cost portability, the plant’s base configuration can be moved in only five loads: 1) counter-flow drum mixer; 2) baghouse; 3) self-erect silo; 4) four cold-feed bins with scalping screen; and 5) liquid AC tank/control house/fuel tank. “Building on producer feedback, we designed each self-contained load for quick setup and teardown,” says Ed Montgomery, director of engineering.

At the heart of this super-portable design lies a new counter-flow drum mixer. The drum’s new flight arrangement offers more efficient aggregate heating and asphalt mixing. Producing up to 225 tph, the new E225P drum is capable of making a wide variety of mix designs, including Stone Matrix Asphalts and Superpave.

The drum is pitched at operating angle on its triple-axle chassis and has all ductwork pre-installed, significantly reducing set-up and tear-down times. A SJ-360 Hauck burner delivers 75 million BTUs of energy for dependable, efficient aggregate heating. Its patented adjustable slinger increases/decreases drum length to tailor drying and mixing time to the producer’s needs.

The base plant includes the necessary electronic connections to accept recycled asphalt, and its counter-flow technology enables the E225P drum to run higher percentages of RAP than parallel-flow designs, while still meeting tough environmental regulations. With its 78-inch diameter and 40-foot 5-inch length, the self-contained drum can be quickly moved with standard “O.D.” permits.

Featuring a 40,000-cfm capacity and a 4.5-to-1 air-to-cloth ratio, the plant’s field-proven, Roto-Aire RA218 baghouse has ample capacity to match drum mixer production. Integral to the baghouse, the fines return auger hydraulically pivots into position to interconnect the baghouse to the drum.

A self-contained 50-ton self-erect and self-weighing silo comes standard in the base plant configuration. Complete with on-board air compressor and gas tank, the silo quickly sets into operating position hydraulically. For ticketing purposes, the silo is suspended on load cells that accurately weigh the amount of stored asphalt before and after a truck is loaded.

Plant operation and asphalt mix designs are managed by the field-proven Terex Impulse X control system. Featuring big plant operation in a smaller plant controls package, Impulse X is capable of making any mix design for which the plant is configured.

The foundation of the E225P plant concept is portability. “The E225P has only 20 plug-and-play cable connections, which is significantly less than traditional portable plants,” says Mark Spicer, director of asphalt plant sales for Terex Roadbuilding’s Asphalt Plant Group. The plant is set up without the aid of a crane. All the plant’s components fit together with as little hand work as possible and most major connections are completed with the aid of hydraulics. This super-portable plant is designed to be transported and completely set up over a weekend. For more information, visit

Hotmix Parts & Accessories
Hotmix Parts & Accessories offers quality replacement asphalt plant parts and components.

• Retrofit to existing equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for various brands of hotmix asphalt plants
• Upgrade technology to improve existing plant components
• New accessories, such as NiteOwl plant alert

Astec Double Barrel Dryer/Mixer
The Double Barrel dryer/mixer is a combination aggregate dryer and HMA mixer that can keep RAP and virgin aggregate separate until the mixing phase of production.

• Minimizes emissions
• Ensures mix quality
• With the RAP and virgin aggregate meeting in the outer mixing chamber, excess moisture is removed from the RAP and the reclaimed liquid asphalt partially coats the virgin aggregate

ADM Roadbuilder Series
The Roadbuilder Series from Asphalt Drum Mixer has a parallel-flow design to maximize drying as it moves the moisture-laden aggregate in a rotating, veiled pattern away from the flame.
• Produces 110 to 350 tph
• Drum diameters from 62 to 96 inches

Reliable Drum Mixer/Dryer
The drum mixer/dryer retrofit system from Reliable Asphalt Products is designed for any application up to 600-plus tph.

• High-quality steel construction
• Solid forged tires mounted to shell allow for thermal expansion of entire drum mixer/dryer
• Can mount on existing frames and drive systems
• High-efficiency flighting system

Eagle Crusher UltraMax 1600-69
Eagle Crusher’s latest addition to its UltraMax Series, the 1600-69, features a sculptured three-bar rotor made of solid steel.
• Portable high-volume, primary/secondary impact crushing and recycling plant
• 800-tph capacity
• Three-stage crushing action
• Several power options: 500-hp electric, 800-hp electric or 521-hp diesel engine
• UM 69 impactor with a 68” x 20’ feeder

Dillman Duo-Drum Plants
Dillman Equipment’s Duo-Drum Plants feature independent aggregate dryers and separate mixing drums.

• Dryer has large combustion volume zone and more dryer length
• Mixer captures all by-products of mixing, such as fumes and light ends, and sends them to the dryer burner to be incinerated
• Stationary, skid-mounted and portable configurations
• 300- to 700-tph capacities

Dura Vertical Tanks
Duraco’s vertical Dura tanks for emulsions are designed to occupy less ground area.

• 3,000- to 6,000-gallon tank sizes
• Timed agitator
• 24-inch-diameter manway at bottom and 24-inch opening on top
• 1/4-inch carbon steel construction
• Insulated with 3-inch-thick foil-backed foam, covered with aluminum sheeting for weather protection

AESCO/Madsen DM Series Drum Mixers
The DM Series drum mixers come in three sizes ranging from 40 to 160 tph.

• Drums made of 5/16-inch A-572 Grade 40 alloy steel plate
• High-efficiency flighting system
• Drums driven by four machined and heat-treated trunnions secured to shafts by easy-to-assemble/disassemble locking ring assemblies
• Adjustable trunnion plates and heavy-duty thrust idlers keep drum steel tires centered on the trunnions and in proper operating position

Gencor Ultraflame Burner
The Ultraflame burner is a “total air” system providing 100 percent control over air and fuel.

• Two-stage combustion design provides all the air required for complete combustion and flame shaping
• Can be used in any rotary drying process that requires between 25 million and 200 million BTU per hour of heat release
• Allows the use of conventional fuels such as oil gas, LP or coal

ACE Group Chromium Carbide
ACE Group is the exclusive supplier of ACEBOND chromium carbide for conveyor floors, hopper liners, chutes, bins, drum liners, screed plates, floor plates, etc.

• ACEBOND helps equipment to resist chipping, flaking, peeling, separating, abrasion and erosion under severe conditions

Superior Portable Feed Conveyors
Superior offers an improved portable feed hopper line designed to deliver large quantities of bulk materials evenly and consistently into crushing, screening or washing plants.

• Discharge conveyors are 36-inch x 40-feet with a 20-hp drive and 850-tph capacity
• 36-inch belt feeder
• Rugged variable speed drive unit (with belt speeds to 175 fpm) that allows a large variation of feed rates
• 10-yard capacity
• 8’ x 16’ top opening with a grizzly option

Grasan KR1010 Rubble Plant
Grasan’s KR1010 compact rubble plant sets up in 15 minutes and operates in tight quarters.

• Hazemag primary impact crusher with 25-inch-high by 40-inch-wide feed opening
• Crushes up to 150 tph
• 240-hp John Deere diesel engine
• Variable-speed heavy-duty grizzly feeder
• Transports over the road fully assembled

Nesco DustPro
The DustPro spray systems are designed to knockdown airborne dust at the source and add a little moisture to help prevent dust generation.

• Custom designed for application
• High-pressure spray nozzles
• Remote electronic control
• Heavy-duty construction
• No chemicals or compressed air required

Stansteel Asphalt Plant Products
Stansteel Asphalt Plant Products offers units from complete batch and drum mix plants to individual plant components.

• Used and manufacturing-reconditioned equipment available
• Can use partial existing equipment, partial reconditioned eqiupment and selected new components

Meeker Baghouse
Meeker Equipment’s baghouse is an environmentally friendly system which exceeds EPA requirements.

• Offered in 20,000 ACFM on up
• Portable, stationary and skid-mount arrangements
• All-welded construction
• Modular design

Hauck EcoStarII Burner
Hauck’s EcoStarII burner is available in eight sizes.

• 25- to 234-million Btu per hour capacity range
• Multi-fuel capability
• Low NOx fuel gas recirculation available

BDM Engineering Drum Mix Plant Burners
BDM Engineering offers drum mix plants with capacities from 30 to 500 tph.

• Fully automatic oil or combination oil/gas burners are provided with high-pressure blowers, solenoid oil valves, air valve and support base completely installed on bedframe; includes fuel pump

Maxam Optima Batch Plant
Maxam’s new Optima batch plant features all moving components on the outside of the tower for reduced wear and ease of maintenance.

• Available in 4-, 5- and 6-ton batch sizes
• 100 to 250 tons of hot storage

Burke In-Line Preheating System
Burke Heating’s in-line preheating system uses alternative fuels, such as #4,36 waste oils as opposed to #2 fuel oils.

• Designed with multiple heating sections to insure the proper flow velocity
• Designed to eliminate hot spots and areas of poor circulation
• Fluid area consists of a properly sized pipe internally heated with baffled heating elements
• Modular construction

Heatec Vertical Tanks
Heatec’s vertical tanks are insulated 6 inches on the sides, 6 inches on the top and 3 inches on the bottom

• Insulation has R-value of 17 at asphalt temperature of 300 degrees F
• High- and low-limit switch inside tank features a three-way control valve with electric actuator
• Models are available in capacities ranging from 10,000 to 35,000 gallons

Process Machinery Drums & Dryers
Process Machinery provides drums and dryers for HMA plants.

• Replacement shells, flights and wear liners
• Tires and chains
• Trunnions, shafts and bearings
• Sprockets, gears and drives
• Automatic remote lubication systems