World of Concrete Highlights 2006

The top products from the Las Vegas show.

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With more than 1,800 exhibitors at this year's World of Concrete, there was a lot to see. If you weren't able to make it to the show, or just couldn't cover the miles of exhibit space, here are some of the top products you may have missed.

EDCO's new CS-18 is a compact walk-behind dual-arbor saw with an 18-in. blade capacity.

  • 3-V belt blade system with a tensioner pulley, which eliminates having to loosen engine mounts when changing belts

Mapei Concrete Renew
Mapei's Concrete Renew provides a uniform, fresh "new" finish to worn sidewalks, driveways, steps, pool decks and patios.

  • Can be applied from featheredge to 3/16-in. depths
  • Allows for slip-resistant broom finish and decorative trowel possibilities

Modello Designs
Modello Designs creates custom decorative masking patterns for artistic concrete effects.

  • Hundreds of customizable designs and patterns available
  • Modello can also create one-of-a-kind designs from original artwork or logos
  • Designs are etched in place using gelled acids and stains

Metabo anti-theft system
Metabo has introduced an anti-theft protection system for its line of rotary hammers.

  • The CODE! system operates via a one-touch infrared remote control that can be enabled or disabled using a single key or multiple keys

Stone Champion Silo Mixers
The Champion SM1200 and SM2000 offer 12- and 20-cu.-ft. capacities and can be used under any size silo.

  • Power Blend system with heavy-duty triple-8 mixing action provides a smooth, uniform mix
  • Suited for jobs where mortar, grout, plaster and color mixers are supplied in preblended bulk bags
  • Adjustable legs allow positioning within any silo footprint, and facilitate leveling and positioning closer to silo discharge chute
  • Bi-directional fork pockets

SPE-USA Mixit 25
The SPE-USA Mixit 25 is a lightweight, durable, portable mixer that can quickly disassemble for easy transportation in a van or car.

  • Can effectively mix a wide range of materials including epoxies, repair mortars, adhesives and sealants
  • Optional mixing paddle available for increased agitation
  • Includes a disposable mixing container

enCounter enColor
enColor colors are predispersed iron oxide pigment solids in an aqueous base liquid for coloring countertops as part of the enCounter countertop system.

  • Available in nine colors with an easy-to-use measuring and dispensing system

Sonoco Sonotube
Sonoco introduces its new water-resistant Sonotube concrete form.

  • Incorporates a proprietary, high-strength, water-resistant paper that allows contractors to set them in wet weather and pour concrete the next day
  • New technology has been incorporated into all existing types and sizes

Allen Engineering Pro 900
Allen Engineering's Pro 900 edger riding trowel allows finishers to pan within 5/16 in. of walls, columns or pipes.

  • 27-hp air-cooled Kohler engine
  • Two rotating guard rings to allow finisher to edge at their preferred speed
  • Two 36-in. diameter, four-bladed rotors
  • Standard Fan Cooled (SFC) gearboxes
  • Powered spray system for application of retardant

CS Unitec EBS 125
CS Unitec's EBS 125 walk-behind 5-in. concrete grinder is designed to handle tough jobs like removing epoxy, paint and other coatings.

  • 14-amp motor
  • Can also be used hand-held without the walk-behind cart
  • Virtually dust-free when used with the CS 1225 Automatic Pulse Cleaning Vacuum System
  • Motor is located away from dust flow zone for longer tool life

Blastrac 1-9DEZ
The Blastrac 1-9DEZ is a highly portable, lightweight shot blasting system used to prepare concrete surfaces prior to the application of paint or coatings.

  • Runs on 120-volt power to strip, clean and profile in one step
  • Can prepare up to 275 sq. ft. per hour.

CertainTeed ThermaEZE
CertainTeed has introduced the ThermaEZE Thermal Insulation System for above- and below-grade poured concrete walls.

  • Set within the wall forms prior to pouring and held in place by a patented web structure
  • Provide a minimum R-value of 11.5

RoMix cement dissolver
RoMix, Inc. has developed a safe alternative to harsh acids for removing hardened concrete, Back-Set Molecular Cement Dissolver.

  • Dissolves concrete at the molecular level, causing it to break down and lose its bond
  • Noncorrosive, readily biodegradable and safe to skin
  • Causes concrete to start to lose its bond 20 to 30 minutes after application

Tibroc remote control trowel
White Cap Construction Supply offers the Tibroc CF-40 remote control power trowel.

  • 360-degree control of both direction and pitch up to 35 degrees
  • Covers 40 in. per pass and finishes up to 80 yds. per day
  • Four trowel spiders with 1 to 120 rpm per spider
  • Dual gyroscopes for stability
  • Powered by a 2.5-hp, 50cc Honda four-stroke engine
  • Weighs just 85 lbs.

EcoForm FormBoard
EcoForm produces the lightweight FormBoard that is approximately one-third the weight of solid-sawn lumber.

  • Composed of LVL, a cross-banded laminated veneer lumber core that eliminates knots, twisting and warping
  • Coated with UV-stabilized polyethylene that prevents cracking, resists moisture and guarantees high reuse
  • Available in 16-ft. lengths in sizes ranging from 1" x 4" to 2" x 12"

Quikrete Epoxy Industrial Floor Coating
Quikrete Epoxy Industrial Floor Coating protects against damage from hot tires, gasoline, oil and scuffs.

  • Durable, two-part oil-based epoxy formula
  • Light gray, semigloss finish
  • Available in an all-in-one kit that includes epoxy, hardener, degreaser, cleaner and etcher

ITW Red Head adhesives
The A7 acrylic line of adhesive systems from ITW Red Head is designed for rebar dowelling, sill plate anchoring, anchoring structural steel and more.

  • Cure time of 35 minutes at 60 degrees F
  • Available in 5-, 8-, 10- and 28-oz. cartridges
  • All-weather formula works in wet and cold conditions

Concrete Polishing Technologies
Concrete Polishing Technologies is introducing a line of concrete polishing tooling, machinery and maintenance products.

  • Includes the G-320, a 32-in. three-head grinder, the Cat 5 dust extractor and the Cat 5 dust interceptor
  • Available accessories include specialized diamond tooling and proprietary blend densifiers and impregnating sealers