Asphalt Contractor Product Showcase March 2006

New items for March 2006 include Riveer Cyclonator DCX-40T, Systems Equipment Model xADP-GUI, American Highway Products I.D. Locator and more.

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Riveer Cyclonator DCX-40T
The new Cyclonator DCX-40T portable wheel wash features durable, heavy-gauge steel construction, simple operation, and is easily moved to and from jobsite via flatbed truck.

  • Drive-through unit washes the wheels and undercarriage of trucks and equipment up to 20 tons with 300-gpm flow and 60 psi of pressure which is optimal for washing mud, clay and stones from wheels and undercarriage
  • Water loss due to drive off and overspray is minimal and driver's view is not impeded during wash
  • Holding tanks supply 800 gallons of washwater which is recycled for use
  • Can be operated with 460-volt three-phase power or dedicated genset

Systems Equipment Model xADP-GUI
Systems Equipment Corp. offers the optional Model xADP-GUI Graphics User Interface designed as a Windows-powered, graphic-enhanced user interface to its ADP-100 Drum Mix Process Computer.

  • Includes a consumer-grade PC, full alpha numeric keyboard and mouse
  • Connects to user's ADP-100 with a single high-speed serial cable
  • Displays meaningful plant information in both text- and graphics-based formats

American Highway Products I.D. Locator
American Highway Products' I.D. Locator pops up after paving to easily identify utilities.

  • Developed from a new recyclable elastomer, which adheres to any surface and pops up after being paved over with up to 5 inches of asphalt
  • Ends time-consuming painting and measuring
  • Prevents inaccurate post-paving searching procedures
  • Replaces costly surveying and marking

Burchland XT-Series Silt Fence Installers
Burchland introduces its XT-Series silt fence installers.

  • Installs 36- to 48-inch erosion control fabric
  • Three-point hitch or quick-attach plate for mounting on tractors or skid steers
  • Installs fabric to depth of 20 inches
  • Other features include transport lock, compression centering springs, solid-steel hinge with 1-inch pin, drop-down storage stands with pads and more

instALERT Rapid Messenger
The instALERT Rapid Messenger from All Traffic Solutions is an ultra-portable variable message sign that can be mounted using hitch receiver, portable or stationary pole, or a trailer.

  • Unfolds from a 3" x 28" x 30" carrying size to a display size of 2.3' x 5'
  • Stores up to 25 preprogrammed text/graphics messages
  • One, two or three lines of text, depending on letter size; messages up to three panels each

PSC Solar Message Centers
User's of Precision Solar Controls' (PSC) Solar Message Centers have the ability to change the message on the boards.

  • Powered by solar energy and using LED technology allows the message to be more clearly legible from greater distances
  • Three models
  • Various accessories available, including a NTCIP base station, radar antenna and pintle hitch

Topcon G3 Technology
Topcon introduces G3, its groundbreaking new technology for satellite positioning systems.

  • First satellite receiver technology with Universal Signal Tracking, a system capable of tracking all signals from all three satellite positioning systems: GPS, GLONASS and Galileo
  • When these three satellite systems are fully operational, users of G3 products will have access to over 80 positioning satellites
  • To process multiple signals from multiple satellite systems, system uses the Paradigm-G3 chip, which is capable of receiving various carrier frequencies and civilian codes

WCI Time Guard System
The Time Guard System is a portable, biometric time clock designed especially for the construction industry.

  • Battery operated and weather resistant
  • Provides ability to track employee from job to job, track separate job tasks, track change order labor and speed up payroll process
  • Employees place finger on verification scanner to clock in and out or to enter job tracking information
  • Eliminates "buddy punching," badges, tickets and time cards

1-800-PAVEMENT is a vanity number for asphalt contractors.

  • For a monthly fee, all calls to 1-800-PAVEMENT in the area codes that you do business in will be routed to your telephone
  • Ownership allows you to have exclusive rights to the number in your region, membership in a Pavement Network that shares work throughout the country, a free marketing plan, and call detail reports