New Rental Products August 2005

The following are products recently introduced to the rental market, as well as models which have undergone significant changes. For more information on any of these products, simply fill out the reader service card included in this issue.

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Cimex CR48 Diamond Finisher

The CR48 is an operator-friendly floor finishing system designed for the preparation and restoration of cement, marble, granite, terrazzo and other stone floors. Unit uses the patented Cimex planetary three-head counter rotation system to prepare or restore floors faster and with less physical effort than conventional methods. A 6.5-gal. tank allows for continuous operation during wet applications and a vacuum port comes standard for applications requiring dust control.

Manitou MT 6642/MT 8044 Telescopic Handlers

The MT 6642 and MT 8044 telescopic handlers feature a welded box-section design boom. The MT6642 has a 42-ft. lift height and 6,600-lb. operating capacity, while the MT8044 has a 7,000-lb. operating capacity at 44 ft. and an 8,000-lb. operating capacity at 37 ft. Units also offer pilot-assisted controls, rear-axle stabilization and 99- and 115-hp John Deere turobcharged diesel engines.

Mi-T-M Generators

Mi-T-M Corp. introduces a full line of portable generators for the rental and construction industries. Featuring three inverters and 15 standard models, the new product line offers a unit for all power sourcing needs, from 1,650 up to 13,000 wattts. The inverter technology generators range from 1,650 to 4,300 watts. This technology features compact design, low noise levels and smooth wave form power for the computer industry. The industrial product line features a Mi-T-M roll cage design which incorporates Mi-T-M’s engineering department’s new isolator design, extended fuel tank capacity and solid state circuitry. These units range from 2,500 to 13,000 watts.

Firepower FP-20A Plasma Cutting System

Firepower has introduced the new portable and powerful FP-20A Cutting System, a versatile performer for HVAC installations, sheet metal fabrication, metal art and home project applications. The 44-lb. FP-20A features an inverter power supply that automatically links the unit to primary voltage from 115 to 230 volts, single phase, 50 or 60 Hz, typically found in most homes and maintenance shops. Highly mobile, unit comes equipped with SL60 1Torch. The FP-20A delivers clean cuts on most metals, including stainless steel, aluminum and more.

Kundel SnapTrac

The SnapTrac is an overhead work station featuring a 1/2-ton capacity. The SnapTrac comes with complete P.E.-certified lift kits to meet individual needs. Floor-mounted post kits and ceiling and column hanger kits are available. Designed for easy installation and relocation. Unit offers short trolleys for maximum coverage area.

Hitachi Impact Wrench

Hitachi’s 1/2-in. WR16SA impact wrench offers a torque of 3,190 in./lbs. Unit features the Inspire Design, incorporating ergonomic features for added comfort and durability. With a 4.2-amp, 480-watt motor, unit generates 1,900 rpm and an impact rate of 2,100 rpm.

Curb Appeal CLS.650

The CLS.650 is a plunger-style curb machine that offers a 17-fpm speed. For landscape and commerical applications, unit includes three slip forms: mowers edge, slant style and curb style. Unit features 1/2-hp electric engine standard; 4-hp gas engine option.

Tiger Sturdi Plate SP3800

Tiger’s Sturdi Plate SP3800 weighs 196 lbs. and is 20 in. wide. Unit features a vibration dampened ergonomic handle that folds flat for storage and easy transport. The oil bath eccentric delivers 3,800 lbs. of force.

Dimas RS 8500 Rideable Saw

Dimas'new RS 8500 rideable saw has an inline right-angle gearbox configuration that uses 14 belts. The new design transfers power more directly and efficiently than traditional designs. Unit is powered by an 85-hp Cummins turbocharged diesel engine.

SideWinder Power Rake

Turf Teq introduces its SideWinder power rake for all types of seedbed preparation. Unit features a 36-in.-wide drum. The pivot angle of the drum can be adjusted to the left or right from the oeprator position. The unit also features a hydrostatic transmission, 13-hp Honda engine and on-the-go differential lock.

Morbark Stump Grinders

Morbark enters the stump grinder market with the models G52SP and D52SP. With a top speed of 3.2 mph, units feature a patent-pending boom design that creates a 52-in. cutting arc. Other features include a hexagon-shaped cutter wheel and six multi-tipped cutting tools fastened with one bolt each to provide the grinding peformance of 24 teeth.

Bil-Jax AB Elite Grandstand

The AB Elite Grandstand Seating System from Bil-Jax is designed for a wide range of professional and amateur sporting events. The portable system has the ability to tip seats up through a weighted cam mechanism. The tip-up, contoured seats are more comfortable than traditional bench seating and provide a more upscale look.

Ground Heaters Arctic Bear HD

Ground Heaters introduces the new Arctic Bear HD (Heavy-Duty) indirect-fired heater. This patent-pending heater is designed to deliver clean, dry heat while tolerating the most extreme cold-weather conditions. The Arctic Bear HD can withstand ambient temperatures down to -60 degrees F and winds up to 70 mph. Unit features 100-percent stainless-steel firebox and heat exchanger. All hoses and wiring are arctic grade. Powered by a CSA-certified, 10KVA, 240-volt AC, three-phase generator which is driven by a Kubota 1,800-rpm diesel engine, the Arctic Bear HD offers heat output of 500,000 to 850,000 BTU/hr.

MBW R440HC Rammer

The R440HC is powered by a 3-hp Honda four-cycle engine with diaphragm carburetion and has an 11- by 13-in. shoe. The 142-lb. rammer features a low center of gravity, noise-attenuating 4.6-quart fuel tank, four-ply steel and fiber-reinforced bellows and a cool-running delivery system. Unit delivers up to 700 bpm at 3,800 lbs. per blow.

E.D.P. Tech Blade

MK Diamond Products and White Cap Construction Supply recently introduced the E.D.P. Tech (Engineered Diamond Placement Technology) Diamond Blade. Engineered to increase the blade’s cutting efficiency by 65 percent, the E.D.P. allows faster concrete cuts with a blade that will last longer than conventional blades. Available in 12-, 14-, 16- and 20-in. versions, the E.D.P. is designed for general purpose cutting using high-speed cut-off saws, dry concrete cutting and dry brick and concrete block cutting.

Max HN120 Powerlite

The HN120 Powerlite pneumatic concrete pinner is powered by 400-psi technology and is approximately 40 percent lighter and 20 percent smaller than most competitors'tools without sacrificing power. The high-pressure pneumatic system contains enough power to drive .300-in. head pins into concrete. A highly durable metal housing ensures strength and longevity for this tool, but the HN120 maintains a lightweight feel at only 6.4 lbs. The magazine capacity is 50 pins and shoots pins from 1- to 2 1/2-in. in length.

Bosch Bulldog Xtreme

The new Bosch 1-in. SDS-plus Bulldog Xtreme rotary hammers feature a 7.2-amp motor. Vital components such as the piston, striker, impact bolt and guide tube are "dialed in" with tight tolerances to remain concentric. Unit hits at 2.2 ft.-lbs. at zero to 5,800 bpm and drills up to 1,300 rpm.