It’s Back! Our Easy-to-Use Reader Service Card

One of the services a trade magazine provides its readers and advertisers is to provide an easy-to-use connection between the two. This helps manufacturers find potential buyers and it helps contractors get more information more quickly about a new material or technology they might be considering adding to their company.

A few years ago we decided that, given the impact of the Internet, the easiest way for readers to request information was via the computer: Sit down at your keyboard, type in a link to our website, and enter the numbers beneath the ad or product you were interested in. We even tried to make it even more convenient by sending readers an e-mail with the links to products and advertisers included.

But after a couple of years experimenting we’ve decided to bring back our Reader Service Card – in addition to the Internet link, which we are also going to keep using because a good number of readers rely on it each issue. This gist is you now have two ways to access product information in the magazine and you can use whichever is more convenient for you.

The Reader Service Card is that cardboard half-page that’s stitched into the inside of the magazine (in this issue it’s between pages 20-21 and 36-37). There are a couple cards in each issue and they’re easy to use. Just fill them out, write in the Reader Service Numbers for up to 12 products or advertisers, then mail or fax the card in. We’ll pass that information along to the companies and they in turn will send you additional information about the products you are interested in. Because there are two cards in each issue you can request information on up to 24 products – and you can always copy the cards if you like.

So you now have two options to request additional information on this issue’s more than XXX products: Use the Reader Service Card and write in the Reader Service Number or enter in your browser. Whatever works best for you; you can also use the Reader Service Card to subscribe to the magazine.

So, just like National Pavement Expo brings together contractors face to face with manufacturers on the exhibit floor, this magazine now provides two ways to connect readers and manufacturers. We hope you’ll take advantage of one of these two approaches as you work through this annual Showcase Buyer’s Guide and begin your planning for 2013.