Product Info Now Faster and Easier to Find

Two new features offer convenient access to our online product guide.

The rising popularity of smartphones and tablet computers has changed the way a lot of us find and view information online. On our website,, we currently see about 23 percent of our site traffic coming in from mobile devices, or smartphones and tablets. That’s a 70 percent increase in mobile traffic over the previous year.

If you view websites from your smartphone, you know it can sometimes be difficult to navigate a website that was designed for the large screen of a desktop computer. Some websites offer mobile versions — basically an abbreviated format of a website with fewer photos and a simpler layout. But a growing number of companies are moving toward a new a website design format called “responsive design.” Basically it means you can view a website from any device — computer, smartphone or tablet — and the website changes its design to respond to the device you are viewing it on. It doesn’t eliminate information, it just visually packages it for the screen size of the device on which you are viewing it.

Just a few weeks ago, launched responsive design on the Buyers Guide portion of its website. The Buyers Guide contains information on nearly 12,000 products, 5,000 companies and several thousand pieces of used equipment. If you want focus on concrete products and companies, peruse through the “Concrete Equipment & Products” and “Decorative Concrete” categories. Check it out for yourself at

New information request system

The new Buyers Guide design prompted us to change the way you request information about products and companies through the magazine. We got rid of those paper postcards where you filled in the numbers associated with the products and companies you wanted to learn about. New with this issue you will find a unique URL at the bottom of every advertisement and new product listing. When you type that URL into your web browser, you will be directed to that company or product page in the Buyers Guide. From there you can read expanded content on products, watch product videos, write product reviews and use the big “Get Info Now” button to request more information from the manufacturer.

Let me know what you think about our new Buyers Guide and our new product and company information request system. Technology changes quickly, and we are always happy to hear your ideas for making it easier for you to use our site to get the information you need to help you run your business.