Here's Lookin' at ... Us!

Welcome to an updated and better-looking Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction. As you spend time with this issue you’ll notice, starting with the cover, that it’s a cleaner, sharper and easier-to-read publication. That’s thanks to April Van Etten, our graphic designer, who tackled this modified redesign effort with gusto.

Some of what’s changed you won’t so much notice as feel, but some you will see including our new headers, sidebar design, and a new typeface for some of our smaller articles and sections. You also might see some “space,” which we hope to maintain (though we’ve always got so much good stuff to include that we initiate a tug-of war with the design folks).

Why tweak the magazine design now? Well, 2016 is our 30th year of publication (look for our 30th Anniversary issue next October, 30 years to the month of Pavement’s first issue). So we simply felt that milestone deserved some recognition.

But just like there’s little value in sealcoating a pavement that is structurally unsound, there’s no sense tweaking the design of a magazine if the content isn’t strong. Over 30 years our goal has been to help businesses grow and become more profitable. We’ve relied on the manufacturers and contractors who form the backbone of this industry to provide insights on what they’ve learned so we can shorten the learning curve for others – and we think the magazine’s longevity and reputation speak to our success.

So just as you stripe a pavement to make it look better and make it easier to use for your clients, we updated and improved our look to make the time you spend with it easier and more user friendly. Thanks to April and let us know what you think.