Meeting Haiti's Reconstruction Needs

While search and rescue efforts continue in Haiti, reconstruction will become the next priority. Donations have been critical in helping the victims of this devastating earthquake disaster and future support will be essential to rebuild the basic infrastructure and housing that was destroyed. The United States, as well as other countries from around the globe have promised their support to do whatever it takes to help the people of Haiti, and individual contributors have once again demonstrated their compassion in donating to the immediate needs of survivors. As the United States continues to emerge from a recessionary economy, it's refreshing to know that we recognize our daily challenges don't even compare to what Haiti has had to deal with before and since the earthquake. While the U.S. economy recovers this year, construction unemployment is expected to grow by an additional 400,000 to 500,000 jobs according to several industry economists. Wouldn't it be great if skilled unemployed construction workers could get involved in Haiti's reconstruction efforts? Federal stimulus programs have extended unemployment benefits, but I think people in general would rather be working for a paycheck than collecting unemployment benefits. I don't how the logistical issues would need to be worked out, but I do know Americans want to help and we have a skilled workforce that's not being fully utilized in this country at this time. - Greg Udelhofen