Hawaii could Increase Vehicle Fees 80% to Repair Roads

Bill passed by the House Transportation Committee would raise registration fees to generate $56 million a year for maintenance on nearly 2,500 miles of state roads

Honolulu - Hawaii state vehicle registration fees would increase from $25 to $45 a year, with proceeds going to help repair the state's well-worn roads, according to legislation that passed the House Transportation Committee. Weight fees would approximately double, with the heaviest vehicles paying the highest rates.

The new charges would raise a combined $56 million a year for paving, repairs, drainage, traffic signs, guardrails, lighting, sidewalks, landscaping and storm cleanup on nearly 2,500 miles of state roads.

"We have a big backlog of highway improvements and filling the potholes," said House Transportation Committee Chairman Joe Souki, D-Waihee-Wailuku. "If we want to maintain the highways, we need to put money in the highway funds. You get what you pay for." (More at CanadianBusiness.com . . . )