Underwriters Labs Expands into Green Certifications

Expanding its mission to include environmental safety leads UL into certifying building products and much more

Underwriters Laboratories has committed to expanding its presence beyond electrical and fire safety and into the environmental space. "We started getting more and more questions from our clients about hazardous materials, about offgassing of bromine and energy efficiency and a wide range of things," said UL CEO Keith Williams, "And we came to believe that environmental safety was as important as electrical and fire safety to this mission of promoting safe living and working environments for people." That led to the creation of UL Environment, an offshoot of UL that focuses on certifying the environmental benefits of green products. 

Working in indoor air quality carried UL beyond energy efficiency of appliances to certifying the environmental impact of things like drywall, carpet, fire doors, and a whole range of products. (More at GreenBiz.com . . . )