New Educational Resource Explores Best Practices for Public Private Partnerships

Guide serves as a high level overview of the elements that should be included as legislators look to build successful P3 programs

The Board of Directors of the Association for the Improvement of American Infrastructure (AIAI) recently introduced the AIAI Best Practices Guide, a game-changing educational resource for Public Private Partnerships (P3s). This first-of-its-kind publication reflects AIAI’s innovative thought-leadership and serves as a national source for P3 best practices.

“Since P3s are relatively new to the United States, there is a need for education related to it. AIAI was formed to provide this education, and our Best Practices Guide serves as high level overview of the elements that should be included as legislators look to build successful P3 programs,” says William A. Marino, President of Star America and Chairman of AIAI.

Public-Private Partnerships - What You Need to Know

“The Best Practices Guide analyzes existing and proposed legislation and current procurement methods to allow the public across the country to better understand Public Private Partnerships,” says Frank Rapoport, Partner of Peckar and Abramson LLP and Chief Strategy Advisor for AIAI. “P3s are helping to revitalize our nation’s infrastructure and economy, and AIAI’s Best Practices Guide outlines what we believe are the most critical elements in developing and building a successful P3 program.”

The Best Practices Guide goes beyond existing resources by presenting P3 as a viable alternative project delivery method by defining the best legislation to enable effective processes and procedures for the procurement of public infrastructure. The Guide is further supported by briefs, case studies and supportive legislation, as well as member commitment to share expertise and work with the public sector to strengthen P3 programs throughout the U.S. The Guide was made possible through the contributions of a broad array of industry participants, public officials and industry professionals who are committed to improving the state of America’s Infrastructure.