NYC Construction Contractors Argue New Crane Standards Harm City's Construction Industry

Industry groups are arguing the temporary restriction of stopping crane work with winds of 20 miles per hour could cause logistical and financial problems

Crain's New York

Allied Building Metal Industries and other trade organizations are pushing Mayor de Blasio and his administration to re-examine the temporary new crane regulations put in place after a fatal crane collapse in February.

The temporary policy requires all crawler cranes to be safely stored when winds reach a sustained 20 miles per hour. However, those representing construction subcontractors argue that winds reach the 20 mile an hour threshold all the time. Continually shutting down all these cranes could cause a cascade of logistical and financial problems for the city's construction projects.

Members of the construction industry insist the administration should bring on construction industry members to help determine the new crane operation restrictions; however, a de Blasio administration spokeman said industry groups will be consulted but will not be a part of the group that will be issuing recommendations for the new crane restrictions.

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