Jamaica Budgets Record Infrastructure Investment

Jamaica Budgets Record Infrastructure Investment

The Jamaican government is planning capital expenditure of J$89bn (US$1.04bn) in the 2011-12 fiscal year, which will be spent mainly on roads, water, housing infrastructure and urban renewal, according to finance and public service minister (MOF) Audley Shaw.

"When this expenditure is combined with the J$60bn (US$708 million) in the central government's non-debt capital expenditure, it totals a whopping J$149bn (US$1.76 billion) of capital expenditure -- the largest in the history of Jamaica," Shaw said during a presentation to open the parliamentary budget debate.

Projects include the national water commission's (NWC) revised three-year plan to realign its operations by expanding water service coverage, improving customer service, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

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