More Recovery Act Contracts Approved by Arizona Transportation Board

ADOT will receive an estimated $350 million in ARRA funds for highway projects around the state.

The following information was released by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT):

More than half of Arizonas Recovery Act projects to improve the state highway system are now under construction, while several more are getting ready to break ground soon. The State Transportation Board approved six more contracts for projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Only six more projects await contracts from the original list of 57 ARRA projects.

The fast pace in getting ARRA projects to construction demonstrates the Arizona Department of Transportations commitment to building better and safer roads for all drivers, while getting thousands of Arizonans back to work in highway construction jobs. ADOT will receive an estimated $350 million in ARRA funds for highway projects around the state.

Additional Recovery Act projects are already moving forward due to the tremendous cost savings produced through the bid process. Two of those projects are in Maricopa County and several more will take place statewide. Todays contract award for the State Route 85 widening project is one of the two additional ARRA projects moving forward in the Maricopa County region. Todays approved contracts are:

SR 85: Southern Avenue to I-10 in Maricopa County (roadway widening)

Cost savings: $1,255,536

Contractor: Pulice Construction, Inc.

Contract amount: $9,201,888

I-10: Cienega Creek to Marsh Station in Pima County (Marsh Station traffic interchange reconstruction)

Cost savings: $513,359

Contractor: FNF Construction, Inc.

Contract amount: $10,380,840

I-10: Vail Road to the county line in Pima County (fence replacement)

Cost savings: $34,045

Contractor: Sun State Builders, Inc.

Contract amount: $160,655

US 95: Peligro to Clarks in La Paz County (repaving)

Cost savings: $3,844,471

Contractor: Fisher Sand and Gravel, DBA Southwest Asphalt Paving

Contract amount: $6,816,250

I-8: US 95 to Araby Road in Yuma County (fence replacement)

Cost savings: $41,360

Contractor: D and O Contractors, Inc.

Contract amount: $254,502

US 191: Coronado Trail at milepost 173 in Greenlee County (drainage improvements)

Cost savings: $7,450

Contractor: Bison Contracting Company, Inc.

Contract amount: $320,555

Eight construction contracts for other highway improvement projects around the state also were approved today by the board. These projects are not funded by Recovery Act dollars, but instead are part of ADOTs Five-Year Construction Program.

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