Nominate Projects for the Quality in Construction Award

There is one month left to submit paving projects for a 2014 Quality in Construction (QIC) Award. NAPA's QIC Awards are open to all U.S. asphalt producers and paving contractors. There are three major nomination areas:


1. Quality in Construction ---- Over 50,000 Tons. This award recognizes asphalt pavements that place over 50,000 tons of asphalt on a single project. Highway pavements over 50,000 tons that win a Quality in Construction Award in 2014 become eligible for the 2015 Sheldon G. Hayes Award. The Sheldon G. Hayes Award goes to the highest-quality asphalt pavement as determined through three rounds of vigorous testing.


2. Quality in Construction ---- Under 50,000 Tons. All pavements ---- roads, highways, commercial parking lots, etc. ---- are eligible for consideration for a Quality in Construction Award. This award recognizes asphalt pavements that use less than 50,000 tons of asphalt in the project. The ten top-rated projects will receive the Larry H. Lemon Award.

3. Quality in Construction ---- Airport Pavement. Recognizing exemplary quality airfield pavements, this award is the first-step to winning the Ray Brown Airport Pavement Award, which is presented annually to the highest-rated airport pavement.


Again this year, contractors completing the optional sections on innovative technologies and sustainable mixtures will receive additional recognition.

The National Asphalt Pavement Association’s Awards Program recognizes those in our industry who achieve excellence. NAPA awards are meaningful for the winners because they are bestowed by peers, but publicity reaches far beyond the NAPA membership. Winners are highlighted in industry publications throughout the country and recognized for the quality work they are doing. 

NAPA's Awards Program presents special opportunities for recognizing and encouraging excellence. The program continues to expand with new categories. Recipients are recognized for their contributions to a job well done.


Submit your nominations at Deadline for entry is October 7th.