US/Mexico Border Wall Prototypes Complete

The eight border wall prototypes will now undergo testing to see how they deter climbing, tunneling and more

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Eight U.S./Mexico wall prototypes were completed last week. The walls will now undergo a period of testing to determine how effective the designs are. They will be tested to see how well they deter climbing, tunneling and how they withstand tampering by tools and machines. That testing is said to begin a month from now and take one to two months to complete.

Five of the walls have a structure on top designed to impede climbing or grappling. One wall is topped by barbed wire. Others  have rounded steel fixtures on top. All the walls are sunk at least six feet into the ground. The designs also call for underground sensor cables to alert agents if someone is approaching or attempting to breach the wall.

Despite the completion of prototypes, the future of building the actual wall remains in doubt while Congress remains deadlocked on how to fund the wall with many politicians opposing funding it at all.

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