NYC Bill Would Consider Contractors' Financial Situation when Awarding Damages in Construction Fatalities

Contractor groups denounce proposed bill's sliding scale when awarding damages in construction-fatality cases

New York Post

A proposed New York City Council bill would create a sliding scale when awarding damages in construction fatality cases. The bill would allos judges to consider a defendant's financial resources when determining penalties for construction violations resulting in serious injury or death. It would set a civil penalty ceiling at $500,000 for companies and $150,000 for individuals deemed responsible for creating hazardous conditions that lead to serious injury or death on a jobsite.

However, the Building Trades Employers' Association and the General Contractors Association are denouncing the proposed bill saying ability to pay should not be a consideration when enforcing construction safety and that the bill sends the message that workers' lives at larger companies are more valuable than workers at smaller companies.

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