New Iron Expo Will Showcase Training and New Construction Equipment

April 3, 4 & 5 event at Local 49 Training Center will give an inside look at how the construction trades are prepared for a continued increase in large-scale projects

International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 49
New Iron Expo

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49 announced plans for its New Iron Expo on April 3, 4 and 5th in Hinckley, MN. The event will feature more than 100 vendor brands, training opportunities and dynamic hands-on experiences on the 400-acre property of the Local 49 Training Center.

The New Iron Expo allows attendees to actually roll up their sleeves and try out the new equipment for themselves. “At a showroom or a typical tradeshow, you can only look at equipment and admire its appearance. Here the attendees can experience for themselves the capabilities of this new cutting edge equipment,” said Layne Johnson, Local 49 Training Center Director. 

In addition to the vendors that will be on-site, another large focus of the event is to show attendees the capabilities of Local 49’s commitment to training. Since the training facility opened in 2007, more than 56,000 training sessions have been executed to enhance skill and promote best practices when it comes to safety.

“Our training is what really sets us apart,” said Layne Johnson. “We will have bleachers where people can sit and watch our training in action. We want contractors and the public to see why Local 49 trained workers are the best in the business.”

With large-scale construction jobs happening now and on the horizon, this event is a way for people from all aspects of the industry to come together and see the latest equipment and to witness how important the training of Local 49 members is to the overall success of these projects.

Local 49 Business Manager Glen Johnson said he is looking forward to the New Iron Expo as a way to educate everyone from children to veteran contractors about the ins and outs of the industry. He stated that the goals of this event range from showing a child the capabilities of a large piece of construction equipment to showing a contractor the benefits of working with union trained workers.

“The best part is that those in attendance can see up close what it is we do and how these jobs get done safely,” said Glen Johnson. “The more exposure we can give the industry and especially the dedication we have to training, we think we can make a positive impact on all aspects of construction. This event is definitely a game changer.”