Skanska Sues Miami Frost Museum Over Unpaid Construction Bills

Skanska claims the company and subcontractors on the project are still owed millions of dollars for completed and to-do items

The Frost Science Museum in Miami opened in 2017, but it is still unfinished. And the museum and its main contractor, Skanska, are in a fight as to who should pay for the remaining work. As a result, Skanska has filed a lawsuit claiming the nonprofit in charge of the museum project unfairly held back payments and left construction work undone.

"Workers who built the building haven’t been paid in full for their labor. Skanska and its subcontractors — including many small and local businesses — are owed millions,” Skanska USA general manager Michael Brown said in a statement.

The lawsuit, which does not reveal the dollar amount Skanska is asking form, asks a judge to order the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science to pay Skanska for its supervisory work finishing up the project’s to-do list and to release funds set aside for some subcontractors.

Skanska is actually the second contractor to take charge of this project. In 2014, Frost fired its original contractor, Suffolk Construction. Frost and Suffolk are currently in litigation as well.

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