PAVE/X Education Packed with Industry Veterans & Fresh New Faces

From the speakers you've trusted with your business over the years, to the up and comers who are making names for themselves in the pavement space, the conference schedule at PAVE/X has the courses you need to accelerate your growth

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Whether you've been in the industry for years or are just starting out, it's never a bad time to learn something that's going to help you take your company to the next level. The education at PAVE/X: The Pavement Experience has been intentionally crafted to help business owners at all levels achieve their goals. With industry experts who have been at it for years to professionals who have fresh insights and perspectives to share, the expertly curated content has something for everyone. Take a look at some of the sessions we're excited to be bringing to San Antonio, January 30-February 1 2024 and get yourself registered to attend at 


A paving operation can be lucrative for your business - if you know what you're doing. PAVE/X will feature an entire track dedicated to paving as a service with the industry experts to show you how it's done. 

Identifying, Preventing and Solving Mat Problems by Wayne Jones, Asphalt Institute

At the heart of what we do is the ability to correctly identify pavement problems. When you do this effectively for your customers, you not only gain their trust but also the clarity you need to get each job done right. In this session, attendees will learn the distresses and cure options for all types of pavement defects to teach contractors that what they see on the pavement surface can give them insights into what’s happening beneath the pavement. The session will:

  • Discuss best practices for repairing an asphalt pavement
  • Provide tips on how to “up-sell” operations to solve long-term problems for customers and
  • Cover applications of the right treatment at the right time to increase the overall service life of a pavement

Making the Grade: A Quality Paving Job Starts with Site Prep, Kyle Ascione, Integrity Earth & Asphalt, LLC

A great prep job is critical to a successful pave. But how do we know our base is great and how can we be confident in our jobs?  Base, sub-base, slope, compaction, material type, water control, drainage plan; all of these aspects need to be taken into consideration when preparing for ANY asphalt paving job. But how do we organize and plan for all that and most importantly, how can we do it efficiently and quickly to maximize both quality and profitability on a job? In this course taught by Kyle Ascione of Integrity Asphalt in Northern Michigan, we will go over all of these aspects and more. Attendees will learn:

  • What details need to be coordinated to maximize base prep, including ideal equipment and technology
  • The terms and conditions to look for within contract to protect yourself and your resources, and
  •  How to achieve great results with minimal resources.

This course is designed for the contractor looking to enter into grading and base prep or to improve their existing base work to better their pave jobs.  

Understanding Density & Rolling Patterns, John Ball, Top Quality Paving

Compaction is the single most important factor in the ultimate performance of a hot mix asphalt pavement. This session will help paving crews understand the basic elements of compaction and the use of various types of rollers, including static steel wheel, pneumatic tire and vibratory steel wheel rollers. Use of different rollers and rolling patterns for different paving situations will be emphasized. This session will cover: 

  • The importance of mix temperature, rolling patterns, roller operator responsibilities and the specific steps you need to take to achieve density'
  • New findings in compaction research that will help you in the compaction phase
  • How to provide clients with a quality, cost-effective and long-lasting asphalt pavement by making sure you can attain the density needed and
  • The newest technologies available to help contractors achieve proper compaction 


The intricacies of a striping business can be tough to learn but we have the best in the business at PAVE/X.

Advanced Parking Lot Striping: Auto Layout & How to Improve Your Striping Operation by Jim Panzenhagen, JMP Excelsior

As a follow up to his basic parking lot striping class, Jim Panzenhagen will discuss and show how to use automatic layout equipment. From measuring the parking lots, calculating parking spaces and installing premarkings, Panzenhagen will walk through the steps from start to finish. You will learn:

  • The benefits and best practices of auto layout machines
  • How using this equipment can help accelerate your growth, plus
  • Tricks and tips for using the auto layout for parking lot striping 

A Hands-On Approach to Learning Striping Technologies by Chad Jung, Superior Striping

This "how-to session" will take contractors through “the evolution of parking lot layout” from basic tape measure layout to today's simple-to-use computer technology that will do your calculations for you. You’ll also learn everything you need to know about implementing lasers as a layout tool. Chad Jung, a veteran striping contractor, has evolved along with the industry and its technology. He will take the classroom outside to give contractors real experience on:

  • The latest technologies to help striping contractors succeed
  • How to efficiently stripe any job, easy or difficult, using today's technology
  • How to calibrate a auto layup machine, align the laser properly and how to use auto layout properly, plus
  • What you need to know about the training and financial investment to make the technology successful

How to Estimate Commercial Striping, Sealcoat & Crackfill Projects by Mike Bird

In the pavement maintenance industry, time is money and in order to improve profits, you need to improve your efficiencies. In this class, Mike Bird will start at the beginning of each project type (sealcoating, striping and crack filling) and provide the important facts about bidding successfully and profitably. Attendees will learn:

  • How to complete take offs efficiently and properly
  • How to configure your margins and mark ups
  • How to figure out your overhead and everything in-between

Sealcoating & Preservation:

No matter what level contractor you are in the industry, there is always a need for sealcoating and preservation. The sessions in this track are designed for contractors at all levels of experience and size. 

Elevating the Image of the Pavement Maintenance Industry by Steve Brahney, Fix Asphalt

How many times have you contacted a prospect and heard: “We don’t sealcoat anymore- it’s just a waste of money” or “We don’t perform pavement maintenance, we just wait till the parking lot needs to be milled and paved." Pavement maintenance is one of the most profitable services in asphalt yet many property managers have lost faith in performing pavement maintenance because they do not see any value from the substandard workmanship they have received in the past. This session, taught by Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine advisory board member Steve Brahney, will show contractors how to:

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to educate customers on the “dollar and sense” value of doing pavement maintenance properly
  • Elevate the image of pavement maintenance in their service area while also demonstrating value to your clients
  • Create a strong initial presentation for new prospects and how to follow a process once you close the deal and continue to work for the client, and
  • Become a contractor that is committed to continued education, who establishes best practices for materials application, helps their clients, has alliances with friendly competitors and deliver the best projects, service and customer experience out there

Increase Your Profitability by Using Infrared by Zach Young, Pothole Heroes

An infrared unit can be an instrumental piece of equipment for contractors looking to expand their services and become more profitable. Adding infrared to your fleet puts you in control of when your season ends and allows you to provide better quality services to your customers - which means you can demand a higher price. This session, taught by Zach Young, will cover the basics of the infrared process and how to best perform the work. Young will provide an introduction to the equipment along with a step-by-step guide to the infrared repair process. Attendees will learn:

  • The types of jobs and repairs that can be completed successfully using infrared technology
  • Specific infrared field techniques and approaches to help make infrared pavement repair efficient, successful and profitable
  • How adding infrared can extend your season and enhance your profitability

How to Level Up Your Sealcoating Business: Tips for Larger Commercial Sealcoating Jobs by Nick Howell, T&N Asphalt

Do you sealcoat driveways or small projects? Are you interested in learning tricks of the trade and the "how to’s" of stepping up to the next level in sealcoating? This session, taught by Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction advisory board member Nick Howell, will help you tackle large commercial sealcoating jobs and show that moving up to larger work isn't as difficult or as expensive as you might think. You'll learn about:

  • How to market to property managers and owners of these larger centers
  • Best practices for estimating larger jobs and the equipment you need to complete them
  • Tips for negotiating with your suppliers for better pricing
  • The benefits of partnering and subcontracting with other contractors
  • Typical insurance requirements, plus
  • Scheduling to please the owner, as well as some other "been there" tricks

Business Management:

PAVE/X is also committed to providing management insights for a broad range of business issues contractors face. These sessions are just a preview of the business-related content that will be featured at the show:

Strategic Decision Making for Increased Margins by Jeani Ringkob, StoryBuilt Marketing

Over 78% of businesses are stalled and have no growth momentum. They are not increasing their market share, their product and brand awareness and they are losing margin. Essentially they are slowly failing. Business owners and leaders have countless decisions they are faced with each day and these decisions are essential to ensure growth and profitability. All these designs impact our ability to attract customers, talent, and critical partners. Making better decisions has a huge bearing on our profits, growth, reputation, and the very future of our businesses. Making effective decisions is key to building a business that will last. In this session you'll earn how to apply the brand strategy models used by the world's top brands to your business to identify what matters most, save time and resources, make better decisions, and increase margins. Takeaways include:

  • The three top brand strategy models to decision making and how to apply them
  • How to leverage strategy filters to identify the most vital hurdles and highest priority opportunities to pursue
  • How to identify what makes for a high performing execution plan on chosen strategies

Job Costing: The #1 Thing You're Probably Doing Wrong by Shauna Huntington & Matt Slawson

Job costing can have a profound impact on profitability and competitiveness, and this class will show you how you can use job costing to make every job more profitable. In this detailed and interactive session, you will learn what it takes to develop a job costing system, how to evaluate the most profitable project types for your business, and how to use job costing data to assist you in proper estimating. Attendees in this session will learn:

  • How to collect and report job costs to determine which jobs to take
  • How to improve estimating accuracy, pricing, scheduling, and even crew performance
  • Ways to design and implement an effective costing system, plus
  • You'll walk away knowing the few simple job costing steps that can have an immediate impact on your bottom line

Preventing the Four Biggest Safety Failures for Pavement Maintenance Contractors by Brad Humphrey & Donny Sierra

Safety is THE biggest cost to Pavement Maintenance Contractors when it fails. This special workshop address how to prevent the four most common (and costly) injuries for the pavement maintenance industry. Known as the Contractor’s Best Friend, Brad Humphrey has teamed up with one of the industries brightest safety leaders, Donny Sierra. Together, they will bring insights to what you can do to reduce, if not eliminate, some of the highest risks your workers face every day. The key objectives of this session are:

  • Preventing Eye injuries: It’s More Than Wearing Safety Glasses
  • Back injuries: Protecting Workers from Losing Strength, Coordination, & Balance
  • Hand injuries: Ensuring Our Workers Can Work Productively
  • Falls: One of OSHA’s “Big Four” and How to Reduce Falls
  • Daily Safety Reminders: The Basics of Creating a Safe Working Culture

In this hour long workshop, you will leave with a wealth of important and practical techniques that can immediately impact your company’s safe working conditions. Let this workshop improve your safety reputation, strengthen your company’s production, and maximize the profitability your company can experience. 

PAVE/X will feature over 60 hours of education, a sold out tradeshow floor, networking opportunities and live outdoor equipment demonstrations. You won't want to miss this event, January 30-February 1 in San Antonio. Visit  to learn more and get registered.