Striping 75 sales up 15% over 2014

Contractors’ striping-only sales near $112 million.

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Total striping-only sales for Pavement’s Striping 75 for 2015 increased 15% to $111,964,024 over 2014’s $97,281,320 – the smallest increase among the five Top Contractor categories.

Only two of the Striping 75 generated 100% of sales from striping (another five companies generated 80% or more from striping), and 24 companies generated less than 5% of sales from striping. Those figures reinforce last year’s results which indicated that striping could be either the primary focus of a business or a support service for larger contractors. That it’s a support service for larger contractors is supported by the breakdown of other services the Striping 75 contractors offer:

  • 65 generate sales from sealcoating
  • 56 generate sales from paving
  • 58 generate sales from pavement repair
  • 16 generate sales from sweeping

Where Stripers Work

Not surprisingly, 72 of the Striping 75 indicate they perform at least some portion of their work on parking lots (there was one no-answer, one firm reports 100% of their striping work on airports, and one company stripes roads and highways only). In addition,

  • 51 contractors work on roads
  • 38 contractors work on driveways (probably other services)
  • 12 contractors work on highways

And that work breakdown is reflected in the customer mix:

  • 72 contractors work for commercial/industrial customers
  • 57 contractors work for multi-family residential customers
  • 47 contractors work for municipal customers
  • 29 contractors work for single-family residential customers

Contractors who participated in the 2015 Top Contractor survey can expect to receive the annual analysis and report in August.

Contractors who miss out on this year’s report can participate in the 2016 Top Contractor Survey which will be open online from January 1 through April 30, 2016.