Apollo Handliner Thermoplastic Melter Series

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The Apollo Handliner Thermoplastic Applicator can melt and apply over 700 square feet of pavement markings in a normal work day in stand-alone operations. The unit comes standard with double-ring high-efficiency burners, a thermostat control system and a metered glass beader.

  • One –person transport and simple application system for hot thermoplastic 
  • Heavy-duty, yet light weight, rust free aluminum construction
  • Thermostat-controlled burners
  • Accurate, high-efficiency melting
  • Rear swivel wheel


  • Automatic Temperature Control System which keeps material temperature constant throughout application and helps prevent scorching.
  • Metered Glass Bead Application that deposits beads at a constant 10 lbs. per 100 square feet regardless of application speed.
  • Apollo series Precision Dies produce sharp-edged markings and are equipped with easy, user-replaceable, tungsten-carbide runners for extended wear.


  • PlusOne Speedmelter – For use with block material, this option allows the user to melt and apply over 1,500 square feet of marking in a normal work day without separate melting kettles.
  • Storage/Transport Trailer – A convenient way to store and transport, which can easily be used by one person.
  • Double Drop System – Incorporates a high-capacity grooved beader bar to distribute larger beads from the front-most beader box.
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