StarJet SRV-1 Pavement Marking Removal System

20% shorter and 40% lighter than previous StarJet models, the SRV-1 offers the same advantages over other water jet systems.

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The StarJet SRV-1 is a smaller pavement marking removal system that gives contractors more maneuverability for intersections, parking lots and other small jobs. 

  • Patented ultra-high pressure water jets (up to 40,000 psi, or 2,800 bar) can be deployed on either side of the cab to remove markings without damaging the pavement

  • Productivity and reliability are enhanced by providing dedicated horsepower to the high-pressure water jet pump, instead of diverting it from the truck engine as some other systems do

  • Operation and maintenance are easy, with in-cab controls conveniently located for the driver

  • Advanced troubleshooting features include fault alerts that not only identify an issue, but launch a how-to-solve-it video

  •  Like all StarJet systems, the SRV-1 is a closed-loop system that includes the robotically-mounted water jets, pump, water tanks, vacuum recovery of water and debris, and a large debris tank.

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