Sweepers 2005

A product showcase of sweepers for November 2005

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Bobcat Sweeper Attachment
Bobcat’s sweeper attachment collects dirt and debris from streets or parking lots.

  • Works in forward and reverse
  • Four models from 44 to 72 inches
  • Spreads material such as sand
  • Optional gutter brush available

Caterpillar Utility Brooms
The Caterpillar BU115 and BU118 Utility Brooms are designed for Caterpillar skid-steer and multi-terrain loaders.

  • Sweeping widths of 60 and 75 inches
  • Designed for rapidly removing cold planer millings, dirt, rocks and other debris from streets

Coneqtec/Universal Pickup Broom
The Coneqtec/Universal broom has a low-profile design that improves sweeping efficiency in the forward sweeping mode.

  • Controlled down force
  • Reduced bristle side wear
  • Dual-direction, direct-drive hydraulic motor drives the broom at the appropriate speed and direction
  • Optional gutter broom, caster wheels, sprinkler system, brush type and configuration

Sweepster Hydraulic Windrow Sweeper
The Model LA hydraulic windrow sweeper quickly attaches in place of the bucket on large loaders and tractors and can be installed on pickup trucks.

  • 96- and 108-inch models with quick-change core design
  • Parallel linkage mounting
  • Brush core reversible from end to end for even brush wear
  • Manual angle 30 degrees left or right
  • Powered by two orbital hydraulic motors
  • Choice of 32-inch poly, wire or combination bristles

MB Companies HLP Broom
The HLP broom from MB Companies features a complete mount package.

  • Hydraulic angle change 30 degrees left/right
  • 8-foot broom width
  • 32-inch-diameter brush
  • Parallel arm floatation system

Midland Machinery Multi-Sweep
The Multi-Sweep line of heavy-duty sweepers includes four models with 46- to 98-inch sweeping widths and capacities to 1 cubic yard.

  • Designed to attach to a wide range of carriers with forks
  • Direct-drive sweeper motor powered by the carrier PTO
  • Self-powered models available with Robin gasoline or diesel engines
  • 50/50 poly/wire rotating brushes
  • Large bins for collection and easy dumping of debris controlled from the cab

Broce MK I Transfer Sweeper
The MK I transfer sweeper is available for paving and milling applications.

  • Primarily used for final cleanup behind milling machines Indicate 107 on Inquiry Card


    TrynEx SweepEx Pro 900S
    The SweepEX Pro 900S from TrynEx features a 90-inch-long working width.

    • For use with pickup trucks
    • No moving parts
    • Unique brush section replacement system
    • Eight brush rows featuring high-strength polypropylene bristles
    CEAttachments Edge Hopper Broom
    The Edge Hopper Broom from CEAttachments features forward and reverse sweeping with most skid steers.
    • Rubber skirt to minimize dust and debris
    • No caster wheel for better contact with sweeping surface
    • Poly and wire combination bristles

    York Broom Model YB24
    The Model YB24 uses 24-inch-diameter brushes and mounts to a standard Category I, three-point hitch, compact utility tractor.

    • Requires a 540-rpm PTO
    • Reversible gearbox allows brush rotation to be reversed
    • Angles up to 30 degrees left or right
    • 4-, 5- and 6-foot widths with polypropylene, crimped wire or 50/50 combination convoluted brush sections
    • Options include single-point raise/lower storage stands and horizontal or vertical dirt deflectors


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