Sweeping Sales Explode to $211 Million

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Three years ago when Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction introduced its Top Contractor lists, we had only 10 companies in the sweeping list. Last year we were able to increase the list to 25 companies and we had hopes of doubling that this year.

Unfortunately we again list 25 Sweeping Top Contractors – but the good news is the total sweeping-only dollars jumped to $211,848,223 from $41,719,267. Eventually this list should be made up of companies that generate a significant portion of their gross sales from sweeping, but until more of those companies participate this list will be made up of companies that rely heavily on sweeping combined with companies that provide sweeping in support of other work they do (there are eight companies in this year’s list that generate 1% of sales from sweeping).

And sweeping is the most unique of the pavement maintenance services covered in these lists. Proof of that is the fact that fewer of the Sweeping 25 provide services other than sweeping: 16 (64%) contractors provide pavement repair, 15 (60%) provide striping, 12(48%) provide sealcoating and 11 (44%) provide paving. Those percentages are significantly lower than any other Top Contractor category.

Where They Work

And where these companies do their work is of no surprise (remember there are only 25 companies in the list):

  • 23 contractors work on parking lots
  • 21 contractors work on roads
  • 15 contractors work on highways
  • 10 contractors work on driveways

And customer mix reflects where they do the work:

  • 23 companies sweep for commercial/industrial customers
  • 19 companies sweep for municipal customers
  • 18 sweep for multi-family customers
  • 4 sweep for single-family residential customers