SuperVac Vortex Sweeper

The new design of the SuperVac Vortex Sweeper combines both performance and capacity at a value added price point.

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The newly redesigned SuperVac Vortex Sweeper features the Isuzu NPR Gas chassis, with a highly maneuverable, 109" wheelbase.

  • 31 HP Kohler liquid cooled fuel injected engine 
  • Dump height over 6 ft. (77-in.)
  • Heavy chain intake baffle (Slows debris as it enters hopper)
  • 4.8 cubic yard hopper
  • C12 stainless steel hopper standard
  • High capacity hopper intake screen
  • Separate dump and screen cleanout doors
  • Screen cleanout door fitted with a lever to open and prop door from ground
  • Dump door has dual hydraulic cylinders and sequenced to open before hopper lift
  • Adjustable dump door hinges (Always a perfect and even fit of the door)
  • Built-in dual rear hopper strobe lights.
  • An optional shroud with sound attenuating foam inner liner. (Also doubles as a billboard for your business)
  • Up to 159 gallon water capacity - 93 gallon standard, with a 66 gallon option




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