Hensel Phelps Implements the Raken App Company-Wide to Improve Field Efficiency

Contractor’s testing measured nearly 100% employee compliance with Raken’s platform and dramatically increased reporting speed

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During its trial phase, Hensel Phelps saw nearly 100% compliance with Raken’s mobile field management app across its workforce. Hensel Phelps is one of the largest employee-owned general contractors in the U.S., and one of ENR’s top 20 contractors of 2020.

“Collecting data from the field provides benefits for our construction teams, yet if our crews aren’t happy with the reporting tools they’re using, these benefits can decrease,” said Siavash Mohseni, virtual design construction manager at Hensel Phelps. “We decided to expand our partnership with Raken to the enterprise because of the high adoption rate of the system by our teams. We are excited to see the productivity and safety benefits Raken brings for our crews worldwide.”

Hensel Phelps chose to deploy Raken company wide, integrated with ProjectSight to integrate the daily reporting and single sign on for its project and field management needs.

“We are rolling out the system on new projects, as well as existing projects where it makes sense,” said Mohseni. “It’s more challenging to introduce a new technology mid-project, hence the focus on new projects.

“Raken helps by simplifying and semi-automating processes and tasks which were manual. In the past we received paper reporting from our subcontractors and then had to re-enter it manually into a spreadsheet, a process that could take several hours. Raken makes it much easier and faster for our team to gather daily information.”

Speed or reporting has become a key performance indicator in Hensel Phelps’ project data process.

“So far, we’ve seen increased efficiency and decreased work hours for our field staff as well as more timely reporting,” said Mohseni. “We’re receiving reports the next day instead of a week later.”

Founded in 1937, Hensel Phelps specializes in building development, construction and facility services. As one of the largest employee-owned general contractors in the U. S., Hensel Phelps has built their company on four pillars: people, process, partnership and technology. This Hensel Phelps Way brings clients' vision to life with a comprehensive approach that begins with innovative planning and extends throughout the entire life of the property.

Raken was created to help construction teams succeed and grow with robust insight from the field. The field-first daily reporting platform helps construction teams digitally manage manpower, progress, issues and safety, all while helping teams in the field work happier. Raken is utilized on over 350,000 projects and has more than 4,000 customers such as Turner, Barton Mallow, and Hensel Phelps. Raken was named #1 for usability in G2's Jobsite Management category for Summer 2020.