The Contractor's Best Friend Podcast Season 3 Episode 12 - Drone’s-eye View

A different perspective of the vast applications drones can be used for in construction.

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Drones have continued to be a hot issue in the construction industry. In fact, drone usage has increased every year for the past several years. They have also proven to be much safer and a more accurate solution to site maintenance and surveying.

Brad Humphrey  is joined by the Caterpillar subject experts to discuss all things drones and to give a perspective of the vast applications drones can be used for.        

Moderated by:

Brad Humphrey, The Contractor’s Best Friend, Pinnacle Development Group - Founder

Brought to you by: 
Jason Hurdis, Caterpillar Inc, Global Market Professional – Quarry & Aggregates Industries
Lonnie Fritz, Caterpillar Inc, Market Professional – Construction Industries


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