The Contractors Best Friend Podcast Season 5 Episode 5: Machine Choices – Matching Machines to Project Needs

Brad Humphrey talks with application specialists from Caterpillar about how to choose the right equipment to match any job.

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In this podcast, Brad Humphrey sits down with Jason Hurdis, Lonnie Fritz and Scott Hagemann from Caterpillar to discuss matching equipment to project needs. Contractors need to understand the details of a project to make sure they are using the right equipment. Listen in to hear their hands on, practical advice and best practices on how to do a better job of matching the right equipment with the job.

Moderated by: Brad Humphrey, The Contractor’s Best Friend, Pinnacle Development Group - Founder

With special guestsJason Hurdis, Caterpillar Inc, Global Market Professional – Quarry & Aggregates Industries

Lonnie Fritz, Caterpillar Inc, Senior Market Professional - Construction Industries

Scott Hagemann, Caterpillar Inc, Senior Market Professional - Construction Industries


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