Insight Into Rental

Subtle name change reflects shifting needs of the market, promises continued commitment to mission.

When you glanced at the cover of this issue, maybe you saw that something was a bit different. The fact is, we've changed our name, or to put it more accurately, we've tweaked it. The change is quite subtle.

Go ahead, take another look at the cover if you haven't already. Do you see it now? What used to be Rental Product News is now simply Rental, but with a tagline that reads: Product - News - Insight. Why the change, you ask? Let me explain.

For years, Rental Product News has hung its hat on being "the product book." Since equipment rental businesses are all different in size, scope, customer focus and so on, the one unifying factor has always been product. All rental companies need to achieve the right mixture of equipment in order to best serve the needs of their market. And while that hasn't changed - and we continue to pride ourselves on being the number one source of new product information - we recognize that our readers need more than product information to stay ahead in today's business world.

Of course, we've always offered more than just product information. Our in-depth editorial includes information about asset management, industry trends and customer and employee issues. Going forward, we're going to go even further to bring you more of the information you need to successfully run your rental business. In short, we're going to provide more insight into the factors affecting the rental industry and your business; hence, the tagline Product - News - Insight.

We aren't making drastic changes - and we promise to continue supplying the best product information available - but today's business climate requires more than that and we're responding to that need. We hope you like the new direction we're taking the magazine and that you'll share your thoughts and impressions with us. As always, we wish you all the best at the start of the new year. Let's hope it's a good one for all.