Compact Equipment Products February 2010

Compact Equipment Products For Your Equipment Rental Business

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322D Boxer Mini-Skid


The 322D Boxer Mini-Skid from Compact Power accepts all of the same standard attachments as the larger Boxer models but was redesigned to target smaller jobsites. The machine has a 22-hp diesel engine, a 3,000 psi two-pump hydraulic operating system and a 1,325-lb. tipping capacity. Its 7-in. wide rubber tracks produce 3.3 psi ground pressure.


BOXER Equipment

B-Series Mini Track Loaders


The B-Series MT52 and MT55 mini track loaders feature improved operator safety, comfort and machine durability, plus Tier IV engines meeting the latest emission requirements.

  • 520- and 550-lb. rated operating capacities
  • 35.6- (MT52) and 41.4-in. (MT55) widths and 72.4-in. length without attachments
  • 71.3-in. bucket pin height
  • Features include an auxiliary hydraulic continuous flow shutoff lever, ride-on operator platform and adjustable tilt steering
  • C-Pattern tracks supply optimal traction for digging and other applications and for working in muddy or wet conditions


Bobcat Co. - Doosan Infracore

Dingo TX 427


The gas-powered narrow and wide track TX 427 loaders feature 27-hp Kohler engines that deliver added torque for increased pulling and digging force.

  • Narrow-track model has 535-lb. rated operating capacity, 92-in. length, 33.7-in. width and 5.1 psi of ground pressure
  • Wide-track model features a 535-lb. rated operating capacity, 92-in. length, 41-in. width and 3.5-psi ground pressure
  • Models can pump 19-hp flow to attachments for increased productivity in ground-engaging applications
  • Both units are compatible with Toro's compact utility loader attachments



The TX 427 Dingo compact utility loaders feature a 535-lb. rated operating capacity (35% of tip capacity) and a 27-hp Kohler gasoline engine that delivers added torque for increased pulling and digging force. Weighing 2,006 lbs. with standard bucket, the narrow track version has a 92-in. length with bucket and a 33.7-in. width. The 5.9-in. (wide) tracks generate 5.1 psi of ground pressure. The wide track model weighs 2,186 lbs. with standard bucket, yet generates 3.5-psi ground pressure. It has an overall length of 92 in. and a 41-in. wide track setup. Both models have four independent hydraulic pumps that deliver 16.9 gpm to each track, 11.4 gpm to the auxiliary hydraulics and 6 gpm to the loader arm. Auxiliary hydraulics supply a 19-hp flow to the attachment.



The Toro Company

Finn Eagle Compact Skid Steer


The key benefit of the Eagle is its hydraulic flow rate.

  • Parallel hydraulic system that provides full power simultaneously to all functions
  • Standard oil cooler
  • Universal face plate fits any standard compact attachment
  • 40-plus attachments available


Finn Corporation

S800TX Mini Skid Steer


The S800TX mini skid steer offers a 2,400-lb. rated tip capacity and an 840-lb. SAE operating capacity, all in a compact frame.

  • 35-hp diesel engine provides greater power and breakout force
  • Hydraulic system capable of providing 14 gpm
  • 40.5-in. width
  • Dedicated spring-cushioned ride-on platform with integrated operator presence system
  • Ground drive controlled by a single, pilot-operated joystick and boom/bucket motion controlled by a single, dual-axis joystick
  • Universal mounting plate


Vermeer Corporation

SK650 Mini Skid Steer


Equipped with a low-maintenance, 31-hp Kubota turbo diesel engine, the SK650 directs 20 net hp to the attachment for greater performance capability.

  • Larger capacity fuel (8 gal.) and hydraulic tanks mounted on the outside of the frame
  • Foot pedal auxiliary control enables attachments to be driven by foot, freeing hands to control depth and ground speed
  • Quick-disconnect attachment fittings
  • Attachment-level indicator mounted to the attachment lift frame
  • Float section on auxiliary valve enables use of attachments that follow the contour of the ground


Ditch Witch / The Charles Machine Works