Aerators for your Equipment Rental Business January 2010

Aerators for your Equipment Rental Business

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530 aerator


Bluebird International 530 Aerator

  • Features a 19-in. aerating width and a variable aerating depth up to 3 in.
  • Average aeration rates up to 21,900 sq. ft. per hour
  • Available with a 3.5-hp Briggs and Strattion or 4-hp Honda engine
  • Features a folding hanle and two removable 36-lb. weights



AE400H aerator


  • 4-hp Honda GX engine
  • Proprietary water tank is desgined to fill and drain easily and holds up to 50 lbs. of water
  • Optimum weight placement makes lifting the tine assembly out of the ground easy and yields the greatest tine penetration


Billy Goat Ind. Inc.

Linear Aerator


Earth ' Turf Linear Aerator

  • Earth ' Turf's Linear aerator's one-pass design assures maximum modification of turf by cutting grooves 3 in. deep, 1/2 in. wide and 3.5 in. apart. Reverse-spiral-mounted teeth bring soil and topdressing material up over the rotor. Blended materials are brushed into the grooves by reciprocating steel fingers. Unit is designed to fit Catergory I three-point hitches of tractors with 35- to 45-PTO horsepower.


Earth & Turf

PL850 HydroPro Plugr


HydroPro Plugr from SourceOne

  • PL850 HydroPro reciprocating power turf aerator is designed to reduce operator fatigue on uphill grades, loose and sandy soils and highly cushioned turf grasses
  • Adjustable operating speed
  • Can be operated in either forward or reverse for easier transport and loading
  • 5.5-hp Honda OHV or 6.5-hp Briggs ' Stratton Intek engine



Plugr Step Savr


Plugr Step Savr

  • The Plugr Step Savr mounts behind the PL850 Pro HD hydrostatic turf aerator and changes it from a walk-behind to a ride-behind unit. The special receiver hitchmounts to the aerator frame in minutes and permits quick release when not in use. Platform features a 31-in. wheel base, 10-in. pneumatic tires and a non-skid paltform.



SA-25 Stand-Aer


  • 24-in.operational turning radius
  • Hydrostatically tine and tire driven aerator
  • Operational and transport speed up to 4.7 mph, which translates into 50, 000-plus sq. ft. per hour
  • Tines hydraulically raise and lower up to a 3-in. depth with a hole pattern of 4.06 x 7 inches
  • 13-hp Honda OHV engine
  • Fits through a 36-in. gate



TurnAer 4


Turfco TurnAer 4

  • Features Turfco's Diff-Drive with dual braking action, allowing the aerator to turn without stopping, with the tines in the ground
  • Handles like a trim mower so operators can productively aerate for longer periods of time
  • 4-hp Honda engine
  • 2.75-in. coring depth
  • 17-in. aeration width


Turfco Mfg. Inc.