You Like Machines?

If you like to look at equipment, Showcase is a great place to browse.

To the man on the street, the John Deere D Series excavators have nothing in common with the Kestell #210 Series chairs. Obviously, one is a very large piece of construction machinery and the other is something you sit on at a party. What could be the connection?

As we all know, what these items have in common is that they are both regularly found in rental inventories. Some of you might own both of these pieces of equipment, or a similar combination of items, which illustrates the importance of our mission at Rental Product News and the value of our annual product catalog, Showcase.

Rental Product News is based on the concept that while rental businesses range from corporations with hundreds of locations across the country to single-branch mom-and-pop operations, they come together on one level and that's the equipment they have on their showroom floor. Whatever the size of your rental business, equipment is your bread and butter. Selecting the right pieces for your customer base, effectively promoting them and carefully maintaining them are the keys to your profitability.

With that in mind, we understand that machines are what excite you. You want to know about the newest models and the latest features. You want to compare different brands and educate yourself on what today's technology can offer you. In short, you like looking at equipment. This is why we bring you Showcase.

In this year's edition, you will find hundreds of products ranging from small hand tools all the way up to the big iron. As usual, each entry is presented in an easy-to-read format so you can get the most information in the least amount of time. Some of the items are new to the market and some are tried and true, but put them all together and you get a pretty good picture of what's available for your inventory today.

In the rental industry, the winter months are typically a time to catch our breath and regroup for the next rental season. What better time to browse the pages of Rental Product News for ideas on what could round out your fleet. And it doesn't stop with Showcase. Be on the lookout for the January issue, which will contain not only the usual roundup of the latest new products, but also a sneak preview to what will be on display at The Rental Show in February. And speaking of which, don't miss the February/March issue, which will be distributed at the show, containing all of the latest and greatest new products to be introduced to the market this year.

There certainly are a lot of choices available to you. Take advantage of the slower pace at this time of year and page though this year's Showcase. We hope you'll be glad you did.