JLG to Unveil Several New Products at CONEXPO

JLG Industries Inc. announces several new products to be introduced at CONEXPO in Las Vegas, March 4-8, including two new telehandlers designed for the rental market.

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JLG Industries Inc. announces several new products to be introduced at CONEXPO in Las Vegas, March 4-8, including two new telehandlers designed for the rental market. Earlier this week, the company unveiled its 1850SJ, the world's tallest self-propelled boom lift. 

JLG Introduces World's Tallest Boom Lift

“We are excited to introduce the truly remarkable new JLG 3614RS and 4017RS telehandlers to our customers, which were designed for the rental market by the rental market,” said Brian Boeckman, JLG Industries global product director – telehandlers. “Operators will immediately appreciate the machine’s’ simple, comfortable cab, which includes single joystick controls, enhanced visibility from the cabin, and a mechanical suspension seat – all for enhanced comfort and productivity.”

What’s more, the JLG 3614RS and 4017RS telehandlers have straightforward service and maintenance requirements, making them an attractive addition to any rental fleet. The machines’ cab can be cleaned by a pressure-washer before the machine is rented to another customer. Service is simplified with access to the external telescope cylinder and electronics located outside rather than inside the boom. A single compensation lift cylinder requires less service and fewer leak points.

These service benefits contribute to a lower cost of ownership, along with a low acquisition cost and the ability to transport two machines on one truck. The telehandlers’ proven power train, featuring Dana axles and transmission with a Deutz engine, and boom technology that uses a four plate box design, also contribute to the machine’s reliability.

The JLG 3614RS and 4017RS telehandlers feature a 3,600kg maximum lift capacity and a 14m maximum lift height and a 4,000kg maximum lift capacity and 17m maximum lift height, respectively.

“Added comfort, improved serviceability and a lower cost of ownership come together in the JLG 3614RS and 4017RS, making this telehandler an ideal machine for rental fleets looking for value,” said Boeckman. 

JLG's new H340AJ is first four-wheel electric-drive hybrid boom

Combining diesel fuel and an electric power system, the JLG H340AJ provides the power and durability of a diesel-powered machine while saving operational costs. In fact, compared to an all-diesel machine, the H340AJ provides substantial fuel savings, is quieter (less than 69 decibels), and produces fewer carbon emissions.

“This innovative lift is designed to perform on par with its diesel powered alternative. It’s an extremely hard-working machine,” explained Ford. “The JLG H340AJ has four independent electric-drive motors that provide unprecedented rough terrain performance and relies on an environmentally friendly, Tier 4 diesel-powered generator for recharging.

Electric power is stored in eight 6V batteries, each requiring less recharging time than lead acid batteries. Because the machine can run on all-electric power, it uses less diesel fuel than an all-diesel machine, reducing overall operational costs.

Customers also benefit from the H340AJ’s durability. Whether in two-wheel drive (standard) or four-wheel drive (optional), the hybrid boom can operate in harsh environments, including muddy and rugged terrain. A steel hood increases the boom’s durability.

Brushless AC motors require less maintenance. The variable-speed motors operate smoothly and quietly, and feature proportional control. When the operator adjusts the controls in the platform, the hybrid boom makes a smooth, gradual transition from start to maximum travel speed (3.1 mph) and anything in between.

Direct AC electric drive reduces the number of hydraulic hoses and fittings as well as the potential for leaks. Battery-only operation allows the H340AJ to be used indoors or outdoors and in other emissions-free areas. In terms of access, the hybrid boom features a platform height of nearly 34 feet, a 17-foot up-and-over reach, and a platform capacity of 500 pounds.

“The H340AJ gives customers the power, durability, and versatility they need in a machine of this caliber,” Ford added. “It’s not only the right machine for the job, but it’s also a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to all-diesel machines.”

The new JLG 3614RS and 4017RS telehandlers, which will be displayed at CONEXPO 2014, booth #1037, in Las Vegas. The rental spec telehandlers are designed specifically for the Europe/Africa/Middle East (EAME) rental markets and emerging markets in Latin America and Asia.

JLG redesigns T32E Toucan mast boom, and compact crawler booms

JLG announced ground-up redesigns of its T32E Toucan mast boom lift as well as the X500AJ and X600AJ compact crawler booms. 

“Extensive upgrades will allow customers to better maneuver the machines, access more areas, and increase productivity on the jobsite,” said Ford.

Upgrades to the T32E Toucan mast boom lift include 80 percent fewer hoses and fittings than its predecessor, the E33MJ lift. As a result, the T32E Toucan requires less maintenance and has fewer leak points, providing more simplicity for owners and operators. The T32E Toucan also includes a direct electric drive instead of a hydraulic drive for increased duty cycles and greater operator productivity on a single charge.

“A better duty cycle means our customers can get more life out of a battery because the power is being used much more efficiently. This allows for more time working and less time charging,” said Ford.

Thanks to a 47-inch wide base, the T32E Toucan is an ideal machine for warehouse applications and manufacturing operations with tight aisles. What’s more, with a horizontal reach of 14 feet, the T32E Toucan can go up, out, and over to access high objects on either side of an aisle. Productivity is further enhanced with a faster travel speed (3 mph vs. 2.2 mph), the ability to climb steeper grades (25 percent vs. 20 percent), and a new rotating platform (not available with the E33MJ).

The compact crawler, narrow and compact in design, can be used in multiple ways indoors and outdoors. The next generation of JLG Compact Crawler Booms, X500AJ and X600AJ, have increased to 500 pounds of unrestricted capacity throughout the working envelope, allowing operators to reach more and increase productivity.

“We listened to our customers, and we are excited to deliver these robust machines to address the wants and needs of the rental market,” said Randy Marzicola, JLG Industries director of business development.

The JLG X500AJ features a 56-foot working height and 50-foot platform height, and the X600AJ unit features a 66-foot working height with a 60-foot platform height, both lightweight for load-sensitive surfaces and ease of transport. The addition of forklift pockets and lifting hooks on the outriggers allow for convenient loading and positioning in the most challenging facility applications. Both machines offer an innovative green lithium-ion battery option for quiet, clean, zero-emissions operation -- great for indoor and outdoor environments.

LiftPod FT140 unveiled in Las Vegas

JLG continues its commitment to expand LiftPod product offering with introduction of the next generation of personal portable innovative lifts. The JLG FT140 continues the LiftPod legacy, as it is simple to assemble, operate, transport, and enhances jobsite productivity. Featuring a platform height of 14 feet and a working height of 20 feet, the FT140 is an ideal solution for facility, safety, and trade professionals seeking a new solution to ladders and scaffolding.

“We listened to our customers and developed the new JLG FT Series family to address their wants and needs for an affordable and portable solution to provide the reach they require, and making the JLG FT Series a great addition to a jobsite or facility they cannot do without,” said Marzicola.

“In addition, the JLG FT140 offers an affordable AWP solution to workplace height challenges, especially when compared to traditional access lifts,” noted Marzicola. “It has an attractive price point – under $4,999 – compared to other entry-level lifts.”

The JLG FT140 features a new telescoping mast that provides clearance when you need it and is easily stowed when you want it, allowing workers to stand in an enclosed platform and move hands-free in a 360-degree range of motion.  The platform also includes a lanyard anchorage point for tying off at height.

This new model consists of three lightweight components for simple assembly and disassembly. Casters on the back wheels make it easy for one person to move the LiftPod, increasing workplace efficiency and productivity. When disassembled, the LiftPod fits in the back of a pickup truck, van, or SUV for easy portability between work sites.

The FT140 is powered by a new dual 36V lithium-ion battery system, providing dependable performance. A convenient  work tray increases jobsite productivity  holding up to 33 pounds of tools and materials, with a total platform capacity of 330-pound. The FT140 is also designed with an aircraft quality aluminum mast.

SkyTrak telehandlers receive technology and styling upgrades

Finally, JLG introduced technology and styling upgrades to its entire line of SkyTrak telehandlers. All upgrades are designed to improve operator comfort and productivity on the jobsite. One of the major upgrades is single joystick operation with pilot-operated hydraulics. This contributes to enhanced multi-function capability, and reduced operator fatigue. The intuitive, single joystick directs all functions of the main lift, telescope, and fork tilt, and so increases ease of use and efficiency of the machines. In addition, the redesigned cabs include an added armrest, three-way adjustable suspension seat, and optional air conditioning for improved comfort.

The upgraded JLG SkyTrak telehandlers also feature improved boom speeds for greater productivity. Additional performance benefits include a Cummins 3.3L Tier 4i engine, which provides plenty of horsepower while improving fuel efficiency and reducing the machine’s environmental impact. A redesign of the rear counterweight, which now includes a retrieval hitch as standard, increases the versatility of the SkyTrak telehandlers by enabling them to perform more functions on the jobsite.

Operators will also appreciate an improved braking system that requires less effort and reduces fatigue, and a new dash panel that provides better visibility of the instrument cluster and dash controls. In addition, most models feature the Stabil-Trak system, which provides fully automatic, rear axle stabilization by transferring from a 3-point to a 4-point stance for increased stability and operator confidence.

“These refreshed telehandlers retain all of the benefits that our customers have come to expect and love about our products – reliability in the field, low cost of ownership, and simplicity. But they are updated with current technology, new graphics, and a redesigned cab for added operator productivity and comfort on the jobsite, making them very attractive for the rental market,” said Brian Boeckman, JLG Industries global product director – telehandlers.

Operators can also expect enhanced durability and reliability from the telehandlers, thanks in part to Firestone DuraForce MH tires, which are less susceptible to sidewall damage and lasts up to three times longer than previous Firestone SGT tires. Stronger axles, drive shafts, and brakes also increase durability, while sealed bearings, conveniently located components, and a rear-mounted engine extend service intervals and increase machine uptime.

“What’s more, SkyTrak telehandlers offer lower total operating costs and higher resale values than other brands,” said Boeckman. “And they allow operators to choose from a wide range of attachments, including a truss boom and fork-mounted work platform, for a variety of applications in the general construction, bridge construction, energy, steel erection, and mining industries.” 

Telehandler reconditioning program now available

Also new regard to telehandlers, JLG is offering a new telehandler reconditioning program which is an an extension of JLG’s current reconditioning program for combustion booms ranging from the 40-foot class to the JLG Ultra Booms. The G10 telehandler is the first JLG telehandler available for reconditioning.

JLG’s reconditioning program is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, according to Todd Earley, JLG Industries sales manager, used equipment, JLG Ground Support. It involves tearing down the machine, inspecting it, replacing components based on wear, reassembling the machine, and repainting it – essentially restoring the machine to “like new” condition.

“JLG has very strict OEM guidelines that we follow for all of our reconditioned products,” Earley said. “Our customers expect the same quality from a reconditioned asset as they get from a new machine.  Our scope of work is very detailed, and our reconditioning program is very similar to our new manufacturing program.  In the end, customers receive a machine that has the same reliability as a new machine.”

“JLG is extending its reconditioning program to meet customer demand for stock equipment and customer-owned equipment. Over the past 12-18 months, we’ve seen an increase in demand for reconditioned assets, whether that be customer-owned or stock recons.  A lot of that is being driven by customers’ need to balance out fleets.  Now they have a better price point in the market, with a quality they would expect from JLG,” Earley said.

According to Earley, JLG’s reconditioning program is a leader in the lift and access, construction, and rental industries – thanks largely to scope of the reconditioning work.  For example, each machine is blasted, removing the existing layer of paint to take it down to the bare metal and then is primed and repainted.  The result is a better quality paint job.  For the customer, that means the paint will last longer – and the machine will look better – in the field.

In addition to blasting and repainting, JLG takes meticulous care in inspecting, replacing and rebuilding components, such as the engine, boom pads, hoses, and chains as well as the cab, according to Brian Boeckman, JLG Industries global product director -- telehandlers.

JLG operates reconditioning centers in Bedford, PA, Houston, TX, and Riverside, CA, to serve customers in the U.S. and Canada.  Bedford is the largest facility in terms of size and the number of machines it reconditions.

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