Liftpro Shares its Story of Strength Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

Our social campaign, #StrengthofIndustries aims to highlight efforts to support the construction and equipment rental industries regarding COVID-19.

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For Tyler Nehls, Owner of Liftpro, LLC in Kenosha, WI, the calls from customers with jobsite shutdowns didn't mean incurring unnecessary charges. In his #StrengthofIndustries submission, Nehls writes,

We are an aerial lift company with just over 500 aerial lifts located in Southeast Wisconsin. The virus has affected us more with jobsites that have "shut down" vs. orders that have cancelled.

We have had many calls from our wonderful clients that have told us that for at least 30 days we had to "stop rentals" on the equipment on site. We made a decision not to pick up the equipment, unless we absolutely needed it for another project. This would also help our clients by not incurring any pick up fees and subsequently delivery fees when the jobsite starts up again.

Our clients have been very thankful for this, but it is the least that we could do to show our customers that their business is important to us.

We have kept ALL of our employees working, and will continue to do so. As every small business knows, the employees are the backbone of their business, and this is just another way to show our employees that they are all valuable to Liftpro.

We are providing masks for our employees, and are practicing safe distancing to help stop the spread.

Thank you,

Tyler Nehls, Owner, Liftpro

Thank you to Tyler Nehls and Liftpro for sharing their #StrengthofIndustries story with us. 

How has COVID-19 affected you and your business? What are some of things you’re doing to ride out the situation? What do you want to say to the community? What can businesses do to come out on the other side of this? If you’re still out there working, how are you conducting business and staying safe?

Share your Story of Strength with us here.